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  1. Hi guys,

    I apologize for the long absence,

    unfortunately I sold the laptop so long ago, now seeing inside my dropboz I found a copy of the bios I had created. Obviously this bios is only compatible for those with non-UEFI version and there is the Advanced Menu with vbios Mod 640M @ 650M with operating boost and OC to + 405MHZ. I put the record on 3dmark 11 with 3060P  way back in 2014.

    If anyone is still in search of my Bios 1.13 MOD here is the link to download it:


    https://www.dropbox.com/s/4qghsjfoxdiegj3/[Spartanox] Bios 1.13 Logo ACER i7 Nvidia - Mod VGA 640M (boost table %40650M) 725- 810 MHz Core %2B Adavenced %26 Power Menu.rar?dl=0




  2. Hello guys,

    unfortunately svl7 no longer work to new bios mod releases , so I set to work to compile a new bios release which has a VBIOS overclocked with the added functionality of the Advanced Menu

    The modified version of the bios is the last available non-UEFI (1.13) for owners of Nvidia 640M.

    The base frequency of the 640M is set to 708.5mhz for the core and 900MHz for the memory, in this way the GPU boost is disabled, the maximum overclock remains of + 405 mhz then 1114Mhz in max overclock. In addition, the advanced menu unlocks many interesting features, but unfortunately the fan control is still not working.

    Unfortunately I was not able to turn off or change the GPU boost table, so even having built other bios with higher clock frequencies the GPU boost under load sets the frequency to 708.5 mhz making unusable the basic clock rate increases. This is what happens in the bios modded by svl7 with 810MHz of base core but only 708.5 MHz under load. This also limits our overclock to "only" 1114 mhz when, as already demonstrated, this gpu can safely withstand the 1200MHz on the core. .

    Now the question, can I disable the GPU boost by editing VBIOS? Or is it possible to flash the VBIOS of a nvidia 650M (it has a 950Mhz of GPU boost) by replacing the module in the our bios Insyde?



    I have taken the the VBIOS module of the nvidia 650M from dumping of acer V3 771G bios, which I find much more similar than the VBIOS of asus I've used before.

    The two boards have a different device ID, I was able to change the code, using an editor, the tab 1303fd10 in 1303fd20 but I get a checksum error, and finally I could not replace the device id. I think this is fundamental to flash the VBIOS correctly because with a different ID card would not be recognized (in fact in the dump are more VBIOS for different VGA that the laptop can have like 630M, 640M or 730m). I'd like to know if there is a way to change this device ID to flash correctly (I hope) this VBIOS or if there is an alternative way to perform this procedure.

    I already have a bios compiled with this 650M Vbios module, I have not tried this, but, without change the Device ID, do you think this can work?

    On request I can post the link of the bios that I've modified: V3 571G Ver. 1.13 - 640M @ 708.5 / 900Mhz with OC unlocked + Advanced Menu unlocked

    I hope that my speech was understandable.

    Thanks in advance for your support @slv7 or anyone who wants to help me.

    Edit 2.

    Thanks anyway, although I have not received help, I managed to solve all my problems.

    Now i have a Nvidia [email protected] with the possibility of further overclocking unlocked (+405 mhz), the base frequency is 835mhz - (950mhz with GPU Boost) core / 900 mem, so I solved the old GPU boost problem set frequency at 708.5 MHz, and now i can also get into overclocking beyond the threshold of 1114mhz..

    With this mod i have 2404P on 3dmark11 at stock frequency

    Considering that I'm totally noob in the bios modding, I feel very satisfied with the result, It's really nice to have a 650M when you bought only a 640M :victorious:

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