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    Waranty sticker

    Hi I recently bought an MSI GT70 2PE Question to this is MSI put warranty stickers on their laptops back area over a screw hole :/ so i wanna make sure is warranty still vaild when i break it? Thanks
  2. Hello i recently bought an MSI gaming laptop (GT 70- 2PE dominator pro) i7 4710mq, 16gb , nvidea gtx 880, 1tb + 250 gb ssd, i keep monitoring my msi dragon gaming center for temperatures, and i can't help but notice my cpu temperature goes abit high sometimes for being only a 3 day old laptop with hardly nothing on it this varies from when browsing,... = 40 - 50 and the highest it went was 72 this is without the fan turned on. i havent realy kept an eye on it when gaming but i was wondering what are your experiences on temperatures is this decent?
  3. Hi I look for an unlocked BIOS w8.1 E1763IMS.50Y for my MSI GT70 2PE...
  4. I have issues with Wolfenstein The New Order. Basically the framerate on Ultra appears to be round 55 - 60, and sometimes it drops to 5 - 10 for a few seconds and a couple of seconds after it recovers and pulls back up to 55-60. I use the latest drivers. Thank you for every help. MSI GT70 2PE GF880M GTX
  5. Hi. I'm having troubles with my GT70 2PE to get into the BIOS, when i press DELETE or when i try from from Windows 8.1, the screen remains black and do nothing. Thank You
  6. Hi Whats everyones Favourite MSI notebook and why? Thanks
  7. Hi I am thinking of buying a MSI GT70 2PE http://www.msi.com/product/nb/GT70-2PE-Dominator-Pro.html#hero-overview Is this a good choice?
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