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  1. Unfortunately for me your guidence is criptic. I would appreciate you being more verbose. Not all the way to the 'guidence for dummies level', but closer. That being said, I have tried your most recent suggestions, as best I could follow, and still am unsuccessful obtaining the contents of your compressed file. Same error messages prevail. Would it be possible for you to post a link to an uncompressed file so I can move on with this? The file size does not appear to be big. Thank you.
  2. Tried all that previously. Still no success. Here is another error message. I'm guessing its just a bad file. Can you confirm on your end please? Thank you.
  3. I appreciate the quick reply. However, I get the same Windows error message with the file link you privided above as I got yesterday.
  4. I am a new arrival here. I found the information on this site helpful, and today I became a paid member so I can download. I have a M17xR3, Win7, and am attempting to install a GTX880m card (from a GTX460m). My take from the previous posts is the 337.88 driver is still the desireable one. No? Today I have successfully downloaded and unzipped the 337.88 driver from a link provided in an earlier post in this thread. I have been unsuccessful downloading and unzipping the associated modified nvdmi.inf file in the same earlier post. The file downloads, but when I attempt to unzip, it fails saying fiolder is empty. Can someone provide me with a working link please? Or... Is it possible for me to make the required changes in the nvdmi.inf file myself? What changes do I need to make?
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