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  1. So, should I try -85mV next and run the same tests again (and go up in small increments) and see if I get a better score? Really bizarre that the 7W difference has just gone! Thanks James
  2. Hi Tech Inferno Fan Here's my test results running TS Bench 1024M to 20%... Multiplier 28 30 32 33 34 35 36 Max Temp 78 86 90 88 88 88 88 VID 0.8317 0.8894 0.9470 0.9578 0.9470 0.9470 0.9470 Watt 27.3 32.0 37.5 40.5 37.8 37.7 37.8 Core Voltage was default and the Offset Voltage was -80.0781mV I've set the Multiplier to 32 now and things seem stable - idle temp is 42-47 degrees. What do you think I should do next, reduce the voltage to -70mV and repeat? Cheers James - - - Updated - - - PS I was able to get over 40W with a Multiplier of 33 (VID was 0.9578) at 40.5W (max 90 degrees).
  3. Thanks Tech Inferno Fan - I'll go back to Throttlestop 7, I've also gone back to the A02 bios too (and not installed the ME FW yet). I'll try with -80mV first as you suggest but what should the core voltage be set to? I'll then run some tests myself and let you know how I get on. Cheers James
  4. I've gone back to ThrottleStop 6 as 7 seems to unstable - maybe it's just me, I don;t seem t be having a lot of luck! Please can you advise where I can set the offset to -130mV - I can't see that option under TRL (it doesn't let me enter a negative value) and also what the Set Multiplier should be set to. I've set it at 20 and things seems to be relatively stable but that's without the offset. :-)
  5. OK, so tried a re-install of Windows on a different hard disk and am still getting some BSOD's. Checking the memory at the moment and there doesn't seem to be any issues (thought it was worth a shot). The option for Processor Power Management is back with the re-install, but if it's set anything higher than 95% then I can't be in Windows more than a minute or two without a BSOD. I'm using ThrottleStop 7b and have worked out how to change and set the offset to -130mV and with this setting I've managed to have the machine on for a good few hours without a BSOD - progress at last. Also, managed to get ThrottleStop to start with Windows too. So, all I need to do (!) is work out the best setting for ThrotteStop and then I'm good. Should I be setting the TPD multiplier to a default value on the main ThrottleStop page (e.g. 32, 33, 34, 35 or 36) or just leave it unset, that's really the only question I have now? Thanks in advance.
  6. Also, how do you apply the -130mV offset, just by setting the Multiplier lower? After I answered your questions above I did the 1024M up to 15%... Multiplier 27 0.9711 35.8 28 0.9633 36.1 29 0.9637 36.1 30 Failed with BSOD at around 5% - eek! Currently running at multiplier of 25, 0.8845 with a temp of 6-8W (running around 41 - 48 degrees across all 8 cores).
  7. OK... BIOS is A.07, how do you go about the downgrade if needed; just run the EXE? I'll use your guidance if this will be better for performance. Running the test as suggested I get a highest value of 36.5W - so that's <40W, the VID value was just under and the highest temp was 83. How do you get Throttlestop to start with the OS - tried a few things and not been able to achieve that and I don't really want to have to start it manually each time :-) What sort of temperature does your system run at? Thanks
  8. Well the upgrade went well although I'm getting a few BSOD which could be hard disk related and I've done some repairs on that. The option to change the Processor Power Management -> Maximum to 99% in the Power profile is no longer available so I can't seem to do that :-( Please can you explain exactly what settings in Throttlestop I should be changing - exact instructions if poss?!? Also, how get I get Throttlestop to start at Windows start up. I've tried creating a shortcut in the correct directory but it's not picked up or started. So nearly there... thanks for all your help.
  9. Thanks - do I need to do both 1 and 2 from above or can I just do 1? What do you recommend? I have the i7-4810MQ in hand, as well as the additional memory and some decent thermal paste so I'm ready to go! Final question - if I take my existing hard drive out of my E6430 (once fully backed up) and put it into the new machine will it boot (Windows 8.1)? I appreciate I may need to reactivate some stuff. Cheers James
  10. Thanks so much - it's really appreciated. If I just set the Processor Power Management to 99% will that be enough? I'm going to buy some decent CPU thermal paste which will probably help a bit. I'm a developer and also use the Adobe apps so I just want to get the most out of the machine that I can. Currently I have a E6430 with a i7-3740MQ, dedicated graphics, 16GB memory and Samsung 840 Pro 512GB SSD. I needed to buy a new machine for my son and the E6440 with 8GB, 180GB SSD, i5-4300M and dedicated graphics new was only $850 (£512). I'm happy to but new memory and processor and let my son have the E6430 and I'll take the E6440 which has better graphics and WWLAN (we'll just swap the SSD's).
  11. Can somebody help/advise if a i7-4810MQ will work in the E6440 with dedicated graphics (the 4810MQ is cheaper than the 4800MQ at the moment). TIA James
  12. Can somebody help/advise if a i7-4810MQ will work in the E6440 with dedicated graphics (the 4810MQ is cheaper than the 4800MQ at the moment). TIA James
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