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  1. I found out that the BSOD is only occuring when I open z-gpu --- maybe its problem with that program and not eGPU
  2. it was working good. i tried to run the egpu setup 1.3 to do what tyou said but now when i cut on egpu i blue screen and reboot after a few minutes. i havent run any compaction yet
  3. do i run compression on egpu or dgpu or all except the sata-usb-sound,etc.?
  4. also, i noticed i cannot get nvidia control panel to come up unless egpu is projecting to external monitor. when i try to use intenral lcd im told there is no nvidia card connected to a monitor. so idk
  5. i just am not sure what booting with wifi means--do you mean safe mode with networking? I am not super literate about computer terms - - - Updated - - - i downloaded the program you speak of. It says BUS INTERFACE: PCI-E 2,0 x 16 @x1 2.0 while running test --what does that mean?
  6. How do I reset my port to GEN 2? My thing with the setup 1.x is that I have no way to run the thing. It can never detect my eGPU. I hit f5 to rescan but nothing. I cant my egpu to turn on unless I boot past the diy setup screen into windows and then put windows to sleep. I cant boot up egpu before booting computer up because I just get black screen that way
  7. I was successful with my eGPU. I Do not know how but I was. I did not even use the setup 1.x that i purchased. All I did was set up the eGPU to Pe4L, I set up floppy drive connector from PSU to pe4l, I connected six pin power adapters to my GTX 760 GPU from the PSU, I shorted out the motherboard connector from PSU by connecting a random wire from the green wire connector to the black (ground) wire connector. I inserted the pe4l cable mpcie connector into the WWAN/TV slot next to my wireless card adapter, I plugged in the PSU and turned on my Computer. I kept the PSU power turned off at first. I logged in to windows and uninstalled the ALL Nvidia drivers, plus I deleted thr NVIDIA Corp folder in Program files, I restarted computer. I kept the PSU turned off. Once I was logged in to windows I put the computer to SLEEP mode. I powered on eGPU PSU, I logged back in to windows once I saw fan spin on EGPU, I checked device manager to ensure eGPU was recognized under display adapters. At first it was not recognized but only some generic display adapter of some sort was there(i forgot exact name it said-but it was different than the other two<525m and hd3000>), I inserted NVIDA disc that came with eGPU gtx 760, I installed the drivers from the disc, Then I shutdown computer, I powered PSU OFF, then I turned computer back on and logged into windows. I went back to sleep mode and powered on eGPU, I logged back in to windows and ensure that device manager now displayed the gtx 760, Then I updated drivers manually on NVIDIAs website for latest driver because not latest drivers were not installed automatically. Then I plugged HDMI from eGPU 760 to external monitor, I went to computer settings and selected to go to change pc settings, then I went to pc & devices. then I selected display, then I selected to display from monitor number two and make that my main display. I was then broadcasting from the external monitor only. I then went into device manager and disabled my other nvidia gpu (525m). I went to nvidia control panel to ensure the settings could be pulled up for the gtx 760 and everything was there. The whole time I never had to run the setup 1.x sO threw that $25 down the drain. But I am just happy and grateful for the help I received from NANDO and others in helping to get setup. I will post my 3dmark results: FIRESTRIKE: nvidia 525m: 848 eGPU NVidia GTX 760: 4500(ish) SKYDIVER: 525m: 2500(ish) eGPU 760: 11900(ish)
  8. Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate it greatly. I already have the 520 watt insignia adapter and pe4l already purchased. Will it work just as good as the pe4c? Will I need to get the CLKRUN delay switch with that pe4l as well? Does it seem I am good to go here?
  9. Hi, I am new here but I have been reading the forums for a while. I have just got up the nerve to do my own eGPU. I am very confused about some things. I will ask them to clarify them even though I have read through the forums. I just cant seem to pin down with confidence that I know what I need to know. So here goes. My system is: Dell XPS L502x 1080p monitor 8gb Ram, 1TB HDD, Bluray Drive HDMI, mPCIe slot (which I think houses my intel wireless a/n/g/a/b dual band card), and mini-display port and 2- USB 3.0 ports, Card reader Nvidia Geforce 525m discrete gpu with intel hd3000 integrated gpu Intel i7 2670 qm 2.2 up to 3.1 ghz quad core processor--So here is my question: I have a gtx760 gpu to use for the egpu I will be ordering this to adapt the mpcie PE4L V2.1b + PE4L-PM060A and I have a 520 watt insignia pc power supply to power it. Now will these components work with my set up? Is this everything I need? I really do not know what I am doing here but I do everything myself so Im determined to do this as well. I think with the help of the genius minds I have been following on this forum I can do this. You people are very smart and helpful. Please let me know if I am totally off base with this set up. Thanks!
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