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  1. Did you guys unlock your BIOS ? if so what does it add for us ?
  2. I just tried to do that yesterday and my laptop wouldn't post , and here is why something happened to my laptop last year it BSOD and then BIOS settings were all wiped . I thought that was wired after that my laptop no longer sees any of my hard drives !!! I freaked out and to this day it won't POST, UNLESS I Disable UEFI and enable BIOS and enable RAID (even though my drives are not raided ). As you know BIOS windows 10 modded driver = NO POST I am going to be stuck with old driver forever now without @J95
  3. @Mr. Fox & @J95 I had a werid problem just today , I had a BSOD "IRQL_GT_ZERO_AT_SYSTEM_SERVICE" the problem happened after , as soons as I restarted the laptop BIOS autamticly switched to RAID ( I wasn't on raid and seems like the BIOS resetting it self but not totally since the clock was correct ) and could not boot ( obviously ) so I switched back to AHCI . But now the BIOS doesn't see any drive AT all UNLESS I switch to RAID ( and only raid ) I was able to boot back to windows with Legacy Boot is on , if I turn Legecy boot off the BIOS will not see any drive . I tried to load default settings but didn't work I tried to remove my 3 HDD ( except SSD ) still didn't work ePGA did the see the drive with AHCI on I think my only solution is a BIOS reset with removing the CMOS Battery ( I cant at the moment ) What do you think anybody had this before TL DR Laptop hade BSOD the bios messed up the settings by it self and now cant see any drive if I have UEFI and AHCI on Please help
  4. I always do this , TIP : you can simply press and hold SHIFT and click on restart it will show the same options
  5. @J95 GeForce 372.54 Installed correctly BUT when i try to play and game or 3D app Nvidia GPU simply won't activate ! (as you know i am on optimus ) I tried to go in dedicated mode but when in the mode Device manager says "microsoft generic GPU driver" installed so something is wrong I am not sure what it is the problem, kinda remind me when I installed the PEG mode on optimus almost the same happened at that time . PLEASE help me
  6. I did although the TDP is around 25% the Clock speed and Memory clock are all at the highest and I am not experiencing any FPS decrease in games
  7. @J95 Man you are awesome , It worked perfectly no problem and I didnt even use DDU for install I simply upgraded I should really do some benchmarks Did some benchmarks I got 12306 in firestrike v1.1 720p <<<<<<<is that good ? I got 7100 in 1080P PS: something interesting I noticed that TDP usually before was around 35% but now it's only around 25% ( maybe the new vBIOS ?) ? although the Clock speed is full I dont think there is throttling ? what is a way to know if my card is throttling ?
  8. Not really because when it didnt work I tried to install the older one and it worked without restart . I tried with the folder with everything , like the screenshot + optimus and just like the screenshot nothing worked . I feel is something related to windows but again the older one worked I must be done something wrong :? I am not sure what it is
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