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  1. More info on the ASUS TB2 GPIO card "The GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) header is used to control the card power state, signalling and device hot plugging events to the motherboard’s BIOS." So, in a client card, we don't need the capacity for "device hot plugging events to the motherboard’s BIOS." That leave only two function and "signalling" capability I think might also be not needed. What is the most important on the GPIO is the card power state controller (to wake up the card) a jumper should be sufficient. Taken from wiki "Input values can often be used as IRQs (typically for wakeup events)" Well, all this are only theories unless proven in practical application. BTW I think that the appropriate ASUS mobo is needed to "prove check" the GPIO.
  2. Thanks @Arise Nope Only the fan is spinning....
  3. Thanx @TomJGX. Could it be BIOS corruption or etc cause a blank screen no POST from boot? Already tried external display but still no luck. Do anybody know of any other detection method?
  4. A very good idea @Tech Inferno Fan Anybody want to try it? Quoting TechPowerUp "Testing has confirms that a pcie x16 v3 graphics card work equally fine in pcie x16 v1.1, pcie x8 v2.0 and pcie x4 v3.0 slot with 5% average loss margin in worst-case" Thunderbolt 1 is PCIe 2.0 x4 2 channels (separated, can't be combined) = 1GB/s in each direction Thunderbolt 2 is PCIe 2.0 x4 2 channels (combined) = 2GB/s in each direction Feel tempted yet @jacobsson
  5. Thanks you very much jacobsson.Your support and helpfulness is really invaluable to me I will try to open up mine to compare the motherboard.
  6. My model no. is G55VW-V2G, The mobo code is : G55VW-S1216H. It was running fine until the next morning it will not post. The power button will sometime light up, the fan will run, but it will not post to bios. I have tested all the ram & hdd on another lappy and they are all ok. What could be the problem? Is my mobo dead?
  7. . Thanks a lot for your help Jacobsson. My model no. is G55VW-V2G, The mobo code is : G55VW-S1216H
  8. I didn't do nothing.... Just suddenly one day there is no display (blank screen). Been swapping components (ram, hdd, ssd etc) with my other laptop and all the other components are verified ok. BTW it is already out of warranty so might as well upgrade to mobo + tb. Been searching the net but there are no confirm g55vw thunderbolt mobo. Do anybody know what is the mobo code for G55VW-DH71 is? Or any picture of the mobo?
  9. I'm looking for help, since my Asus G55VW mobo is "toasted" i would like to know if there are any g55vw mobo with thunderbolt? or any other mobo + thunderbolt that can match my casing?
  10. Found a target thunderbolt card on OSS-PCIe-HIB-TB | One Stop Systems | Thunderbolt Target Adapter | Acal BFi UK
  11. After reviewing this thread, there are one major difference between thunderbolt on host and thunderbolt on target device as can be seen from OSS reply below - Will your Thunderbolt target adapter PCIe card work directly in a 2010 Mac Pro and be able to successfully connect to a thunderbolt display? Submitted by rruple on Wed, 06/12/2013 - 8:27am Unfortunately, the Thunderbolt card we make only works as a target device. While it has a PCIe card edge connection it is a slightly custom pin-out and the device on the card is set in downstream mode. The Thunderbolt spec makes it difficult and costly to make a Thunderbolt certified host card. Many parameters of Thunderbolt are tied directly to motherboard resources that are not part of the PCIe slot. These include the requirement for Thunderbolt to support Display Port video and hot-swap of the cable through BIOS. At the minimum a Thunderbolt host interface would have to have a GPU, memory and a driver to support all of the Thunderbolt features built into motherboards. These additions to a host card would make it more expensive and over complicated for the functions most people require, which is a PCIe host interface using the Thunderbolt cable. Any host card that did not include the video and hot-swap could not be labeled as Thunderbolt compatible and violate our Thunderbolt agreements with Intel and Apple." Therefore, it can be deduce that the asus card gpio is to detect the availability of the host motherboard. The main question is, can it be made to be the target?
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