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  1. I'm not sure what the post count is for PMs, but I would prefer to do that. Or we can communicate over email if you have one I can contact you at.
  2. It only requires a power supply for the PE4L board since the GTX750 is powered through the PCIe slot. It can be powered by either an ATX power supply or laptop power supply (12v barrel connector I think), the second also requires a USB to USB cable in order to power the board. The whole system will run at x1.2Opt, but slightly worse performance on the internal display since nVidia will be using Optimus to run that display. On the external display, I was able to run Battlefield 4 at medium settings with consistent 60 fps. Just one thing to watch out for is the USB bus usage -- I had some issues when I had too many USB devices plugged in and would get BSODs occasionally.
  3. The experience was worth it for me. I was able to have an almost plug and play experience with the setup and had a portable setup (the laptop itself) and was able to use more gpu intensive programs such as CAD when plugged into the eGPU. This allowed me to have a great combination of portability and power when I needed either. Thinkpads typically are very easy to setup with the exception of the 8GB memory limit due to memory configurations on some BIOS's. I'm not quite sure if that's still an issue with that memory configuration. I would like to bring this discussion about price into PMs, but you don't have enough posts to PM yet...
  4. Hi all, I'm looking to sell a PE4L V2.1b (Expresscard Version) and GTX750. I have used them both reliably on my Thinkpad X230t, achieving x1.2Opt and able to run pretty much any game decently well, for the past year without any issues. This setup works great as a portable setup since the GTX750 doesn't require external power. I recently bought a desktop so I have no further need for them. Here is a link to the graphics card. I'm looking to sell the PE4L for $60 (got it for $70) and the GTX750 for $70 (got it for $90) or $120 for both, with a flat rate of $5 for shipping. Here's a picture of my previous setup that I was running off the eGPU. If you have any questions or want more pictures of the parts, please PM me! Thanks!
  5. I just received my MSI GTX 750 today and have been trying to set it up to no avail. I am on a X230t with the 2.62 bios and 8gb RAM. I'm also using a PE4L 2.1b with a 480W psu. I've also tried downgrading the BIOS down to 1.11, which I've seen work on other peoples' setups but I am unable to because the installer says that I have the wrong model number, a common issue I've found online. My process is as follows: 1) turn on PC 2) put to sleep 3) turn on and plug in eGPU 4) resume PC This got me to install my drivers and restart but once I did that, it came back with a code 12. I've tried hotplugging from a cold boot but it hangs on BIOS for some reason. I haven't seen anyone have that issue on BIOS 2.62 for the x230/x230t which is why I'm a little confused. Any tips? EDIT: fixed it by unplugging the VGA cable from the gpu when hotplugging before a cold boot. Booted with no cable, went to device manager to check that there was no Code 12, and then plugged in the VGA cable. However, now I get some very slight screen flickering as I type or click. I do have an external keyboard and mouse. In addition, screen flickering gets worse as I play games. GPU-Z says that my connection is a x1.1. I thought that the PE4L v2.1b was supposed to have good Gen 2 conenctions? EDIT 2: Got Gen 2 working, realized that I had put it to Gen 1 in my BIOS previously to test if the issue was my adapter. The only issue that remains is the screen flicker so if anyone has any experience/advice, that'd be great. Thanks to all for past forum posts that helped a bunch, especially nando.
  6. I've just bought an X230t for college with hopes to do an eGPU setup with the 750ti in the near future. If you don't mind, could you describe any issues you had with software or anything that you encountered after replacing the fried GPU?
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