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  1. Ok I have put thermal pads all over every component I can find on the front and back of 470m. I used a 40cm pedestal fan on the bottom of laptop to provide additional cooling. GPU temp is 27 degrees. GPU-z wouldn't work because it needs the graphics to installed correctly and I don't have time to install the drivers before it shuts down. I use Aida64 instead. It appears NVidia's older cards don't have vrm sensors so can get vrm temp. My original graphics card is 280m which still works fine. Is there another vbios I can try?
  2. I Will try but its starts beeping before it gets into windows. I'm not sure if I'll enough time to check the gpu temperatures before it shuts down. Even with brand new SSD the computer still takes about 40 seconds or so to load up. You don't know any dos based temperature programs I can use?
  3. Hello. I having the same problem with my 470m that I brought for Sager np8760 (Clevo W870CU). After 15 to 30 seconds the leds for numlock, caps an scroll start flashing and the laptop starts beeping and the laptop will shutdown in while. Sager stay its gpu error. Seller says it needs vbios flash. I have flashed with the bios off this website but still have the same problem. Is vbios provided no good?
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