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  1. Just story. The physics are all wrong. (At one point, the 2 leads are drifting apart. Both grabbed hold of a tether. At that point, they should have stopped drifting. They didn't. Just one small thing wrong.) The story is very good, IMO. 90% of it was just Sandy. Clooney was in the other 10% and there were only disembodied voices for the rest. Worked surprisingly well.
  2. Watched Gravity last weekend. I'm a Sandra Bullock fan anyway but she really shined in this. Not a big George Clooney fan but fortunately, he wasn't a big part of the movie. It was all Sandy.
  3. Evening, all. I just bought a 2570p, used for $85. Pretty much perfect condition. I've had all manner of desktops over the years but this is my first laptop. I'd like to ditch the desktop for this at some point. Before I do, I want to make sure this is working right. If you don't mind, I have a quick question/problem. My fan doesn't come on (unless it's VERY quiet...I'm used to 7 big fans running at full speed on my desktop). I've kept this on my lap (where it's warmest) most of the day and......nothing. Either I haven't checked some box somewhere to enable things, the fan doesn't work (bad) or it just hasn't gotten hot enough for it to kick on. Any help would be appreciated. I'd hate to drop some money on a faster proc, etc and melt it all down. Cool that there's a forum for this. I'll have to read up and check out the history but cudos to whoever started this! Regards, Monkeyman
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