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  1. Thanks for the advice, I do think it may have been a motherboard flash, but I'm not positive. I'm trying your suggestion anyway. How exactly do I get it to boot from the USB drive? I've plugged it in and let the computer start up but the drive doesn't light up. I've tried it in the eSata port and USB port both when powering it on regularly, and while holding end.
  2. Today I was trying to revert my Alienware's Nvidia 460m card back to the A04 bios to remove the downclocking functionality. After I reverted the bios, I changed some of the settings in the f12 boot menu, mainly the gpu throttle temp (which I thought it wouldn't have) and made a few other tweaks which i don't remember. After it restarted, the display lit up but only gives me a black screen. I can hear the fans begin to start, but the stop and restart every second, after a few seconds I can hear a clicking noise after the fans start each time. I removed the computer and system batteries and heldthe power button for 30 seconds before rebooting but it didn't help, I've also tried to blind flash the bios but to no avail (though I'm not sure the flashdrive I'm using will work for a blind flash). Does anyone know what's wrong or have anything I can try? Recap of Symptoms - Black Screen - Fans start and stop - Clicking noise
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