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  1. Yeah, I've already ordered another laptop. I just don't know how best to sell by existing one. I can get at least £200 for the Nvidia 770m on it's own, so I don't know whether it's better to take it apart an sell the g-card, processor, screen, keyboard, RAM etc individually, or just to sell the laptop as-is with a reserve of £350. Tricky one.

    Selling it together will net one sale, for less though. Less headaches.

    Parting it will net more profit, but much harder. You might not be able to sell all parts and can take months.

  2. UPDATE: Flashed original BIOS and EC firmware, courtesy of MSI (DL links at end of post).

    Fan is still broken, as before, pulsing on (100%) and off (0%). I'm now thinking that perhaps it is a hardware issue. It's not the fan itself, as this is new. The connection from the fan to the mainboard is good - I have confirmed this using a multimeter. Given how I accidentally caused 2 of the 3 pins to be touching when I powered the laptop on, I think that there is a reasonable chance that a capacitor somewhere down the line has popped.

    I'm seriously tempted to just sell my laptop on ebay and use the money to subsidise the purchase of a new one, at this point.

    Advice, as always, very much appreciated.

    MS-1761 WHITEBOOK bios: E1761IG6.30I.RAR

    MS-1761 WHITEBOOK EC firmware: 1761EG61.405.rar

    Sorry to hear that. Honestly, selling it might be your best bet at this point. Hardware issues can cause a work of headaches and wrong part purchases.

  3. Aw ok, have contacted MSI, they're going to email me the correct BIOS and EC firmware (hopefully). I don't support you know what might be causing my fan issues do you Xonar? :/ If the EC firmware upgrade doesn't work then I'm shit out of ideas.

    No idea.

    Well the EC does control the fan relatively to temps. I'd try and use Pherein's Fan Control first. Even though you have a Whitebook (1761), the fan profile settings are identical to the Retail verison (GT780). Pherein's has the option for the GT780. You also need RWEverything for Phereins.

  4. Have done as above. When trying to flash EC firmware, I get an error saying the board type is not compatible. My EC version (from BIOS) is: 1761EG61 Ver. 4.05 ...which is really weird, as a google search indicates is for Chinese versions of this laptop...

    Oh, and after I reverted from Xonar's BIOS to the MSI one, my copy of Windows is no longer genuine. -_____- Just great.

    Is there any way to force EC firmware to write? /p or something?

    Paging the god of MSI.

    If it's a whitebook you need to contact the appropriate reseller that sold you your notebook and ask for the EC files. MSI doesn't provide direct support for Whitebooks, only the retail versions. If you bought the notebook from a retailer, not reseller, you may have to ask someone else to go fetch it for you or randomly email some resellers and hope they are nice.

    My question boils down to something fairly simple, actually.

    Q: Is it possible to, when in DOS, force a firmware upgrade for the EC by over-riding checks?

    ...(As can be done with BIOS by adding \x )

    Don't do that, you'll mess up your EC for good. This files on the MSI site are garbage for Whitebooks. Ask a reseller for the EC files.

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  5. i observed problems with your xonar unlocked system bios for my gt70 i7 3630qm gtx675mx win7 64bit. it works fine till the moment a program tries to use the nvidia-gpu. it ended always in a bluescreen (nvidia-video-driver error). flashing back to stock bios (last one for win7) solved this problem. i choosed acpi and legacy bios as i used with stock bios and win 7 booted up and worked stable with intel-gpu, so it must be another preset or parameter problem which prevented the use of the nv-gpu.

    My GT70 BIOS is a very old image (way before 675mx support). You will need to use a new BIOS version for support. No, I don't have one.

  6. I'm about to receive an MSI MS16-F2, with a 570m, i7 2670QM, 6GB RAM, and a 7200 RPM 750gb HDD for ~$500USD, which I'd say is quite nice.

    Now, with the unexpectedly low auction price, I'd like to know of possible GPU upgrades, and whether there would be people interested in buying the 570m, and for how much.

    So what Nvidia GPUs work, or rather: don't work?

    I'd probably end up getting a 670mx, or possibly a 680m, as I figured that all of the dead 6990ms and 7970ms must be there for a reason, and the 580m likely produces too much heat.

    Would I need to take any particular steps, or would it work with the stock heatsinks and such?

    680/780 doesn't work.

    7970 and I believe 670mx (maybe 675mx) will work. There's threads here with the info.

  7. I disagree.

    IMO, if you're running or planning to run 120 Hz the pixel clock on other LCD types just doesn't keep up with the frame timings from a high end gpu, especially if you're considering PLS/IPS.

    Of course, assuming the panel is running off a high end gpu which would be necessary to push the 120 Hz in the first place.

    For example, assuming the manufacturer isn't lying about their GtoG timings, TN's usually report 1-2 ms on 120+ Hz panels, while IPS panels usually report 5-11 ms on their 120+ Hz panels.

    If 1000 ms / 120 Hz = 8.333 and IPS hover around 8 ms ideally, then it wouldn't be worth the trade for better image quality if it's going to interfere with frame timing.

    Therefore personally I only consider TN panels for 120+ Hz gaming.

    Take IPS with a grain of salt.

    I specifically talked about panel QUALITY not motion blur. IPS had better brightness and color gamut.

    Otherwise we agree lol.

  8. Another 120hz user here, the VG248QE to be exact. I love it, especially with the strobing backlight on. :D

    I run the exact same setup. Its great. The panel itself isn't great because its a TN, but the 120hz strobed is phenomenal.

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