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  1. so do I. I dont find non enduro vbios and yesterday I try to vbios flashing. I sleep in bed. my 8970m is fire..... lol but I dont know this gpu is dead. so I think that 8970m nonenduro vbios find. 나의 SM-N900L 의 Tapatalk에서 보냄
  2. I don't have 8970m vbios... and I already try your advise
  3. What is mean luck? power drain....? I don`t know what you`re talking about. I just change gpu 8970.. but i see a black screen
  4. I have a 8970m and m15x, but I screen does not turn on.just black screen 8970m is the msi vendor. I could hear the Windows start-up sound . Now I do not know how to do. I want your help T.T
  5. hi svl7? last day, I buy the M15X and 8970m. but I can`t use this gpu because black screen T.T so I want your vbios. plz.......
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