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  1. I am also waiting to see if anyone has tried an M key M.2 PCI-e x4 connection. Mostly because the newer clevo's have the port. As i understand it an x4 would give egpu throughput the same as thunderbolt 3.0 at a cheaper cost. Please correct me if im wrong.
  2. Hi, Is it possible as the title says? If not why? What are the motherboard differences other than cpu socket and the extra msata under the hdd?
  3. Happened to me, with the new driver. If the gpu usage is low it defaults to 450/300 in games such as dota 2. Just open msi afterburner after starting a game, overclock above 850/1200 such as 875/1300, alt tab back to game, then alt tab back out and downclock back to 850/1200. The clocks will stay until you restart even after closing msi afterburner.
  4. Hey prema, I have the p150em modded bios. I wanted to disable hyperthreading to test temperature difference but I cant seem to find cpu configuration menu in your bios anywhere. Has it not been implemented in the bios or am I missing something else?
  5. Hi prema, I wanted to know whether you can flash this bios over on a stock clevo p150em, 1.02.17 ec, 1.02.11 and then flash the stock back. Is the method straightforward or some extra steps involved. Wanted to try out a few things.
  6. Hi guys, I was wondering if you could help me overvolt/undervolt the np6165/w150erq's embedded vbios. The stock sager bios dump is here, courtesy of prema from notebookreview forums: W150ER_06_stock.rar The thing i've noticed is that the 650m's max normal voltage under stock conditions is 1.037v but for some reason it goes to 1.012v when under use. It goes back to 1.037 when the gpu is not under use. I'd like to fix that for a start pls. I've also modded my laptop by adding heat pipes and stuff. More to come soon.
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