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  1. Hi guys,second thread here before long time reading this forum for problems, really need help here becouse i dont undestand what is the problem. I have a Alienware MX17r3 with a gtx770m upgraded, this was 2 years ago and i dont haved any problem (only the usually incompatibilitys, integrated intel graphics disabled and figthing to get sound working). Then i format my pc with the same windows ver. w7 x64 home premium (SP1) and after a few days, my GPU doesnt work properly. I having low fps and fps drops all the time. I tried upgrading drivers to 355 (i haved 350 and it worked fine for me ever), clean reinstalls, formated another time and cloned with a image when it worked fine, checked temperature, dis/enable GPU, antivirus scan, bios default, checkd high perfomance in power options and nvidia panel, unistalling nvidia experience/hd sound, disabling windows transparecy and the only thing worked for 1/2 days was a system recuperation (that was after the format and cloning) with drivers reinstall. Dunno what can i do now. Sorry for my english.
  2. Well, i was for a long time now in PC playing a game go runs fine (CS:GO) and i was lot of time only using web browser. So i can check all min and max temperatures with long time running. In GPU all seems working fine. But, well.. I dont remind this temperatures in my CPU.. and PayDay 2 and War Thunder are bigger games than cs:go.. and 95% times was loading a exit or a entry in a game, but.. I tried already to play with max fan RPM. But I dont know where is the max for a CPU to stop working. Can I registry my temperatures like in .txt with some kind of software to read it after the crash?
  3. Not more high than 60ºC idle and playing with the fanin auto mode. Not updated any drivers. Changes.. i dont remind windows updates, but when i detected the problem i cannot solve it with windows recovery to date becouse last save was when in found the problem. I didnt overclock the GPU. The only thing i modify was the .inf archives to install my actual Nvidia drivers 334.67
  4. Hi guys, recently (about 3 months ago) I bought and upgraded my GPU with GTX 770M (thanks to this web ). I didnt have any problem in 3 months but few days ago it started to do some little fps drops, when I was playing War Thunder in my 2º day and hours before I got Black screen, sound stops and make the typical repetitive sound and pc crash. I lowered the graphics and I didnt have the same problem another time. Then, this weekend I started playing PayDay2.. at first I didnt have any problem but now it occurs more frequently and when i have some time playing, like 2 games, the PC crashes like in War Thunder. Note, 99% of times I have the problem when a game end or start. At first I noticed the problems when I was using voice software like skype, and when i was not using it I didnt have any problem, but now its in all situations. I looked for the temperature and its ok, dindt installed new drivers, lowered graphics settings to PayDay 2.. nothing works. So, some ideas to help? Thank you for your time and sorry for my bad and little knowledge of english. Edited info: Alienware Mx17 r3 334.67 No overclocked No GPU drivers updated
  5. In this right moment, i love you so much. This thing its the only one worked for me after 7 hours trying. I love you.
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