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  1. So it's not possible to use Setup 1.10b5 to solve it? How did it work before then?
  2. I've got a problem with the Setup 1.x b5. It's hard to say why but at some time when I press F8 after turning on my laptop and choose Setup 1.x boot I get a message about "No PXE stack" and I cannot boot into Setup 1.x. That is why I wanted to reinstall Setup 1.x but when I try do to so I get an information that I'm not an admin user (even though I launch the cmd with admin priviledges) and so I cannot instal Setup 1.x. So I've got two questions: 1) how can I make myself an admin user or change the Setup 1.x installation procedure so that it wouldn't check for admin priviledges? 2) what is wrong with this PXE stack? I'll be grateful for your help! Cheers! I forgot about my setup: - it's the same as the one here: DIY eGPU experiences - Page 1082 - I've got a Windows 7 6.1.7601 - I've got latest nvidia drivers
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