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  1. Yeah im thinking that too, but the problem is that i´ve just unboxed this laptop. Guess its going back to the store. It havent even worked from the start.
  2. Hi I cant install gpu driver. Ive tryed both the one from clevo and the one from AMD. It just says code 43 under the card in the device manager. When i boot the laptop it says that i need to install a comtipel driver.. Specs Clevo p150emx i7-2670QM Radeon hd 7970 Bios 1.02.17 KBC/EC 1.02.11
  3. Dell AMD Radeon HD 7970M 2GB,MXM 3.0,Alienware,Xfire capable,with bracket,screws | eBay So this would work even if it says it for alien? I just need to blindflash?
  4. Okay thanks. What would you say i should do with my limited budget?
  5. Hey :-) My GFX just broke (hd6990m) I was playing a game when all of a sudden the screen turns black, i reboot and rejoins the game. After about 30 sec my screen is all messed up. showing one half right, and the other half wrong on the screen. Then it goes black again. I reboot, and when the windows logo finish loading it just turn black. I boot up in safe mode and deletes my gtx drivers, this helps. But when i reinstall them the problem occur again. i tryed getting older versions but its the same outcome. Ive tryed a fresh install of OS (w7) but as soon as i reboot after installing a Gfx driver So.. My question to you guys is that, what possibilites do i have when thinking of replacing the card with the same or even a better one? im not interessted in spending over 400 $ and it have to be from EU. (tax etc) Ive been looking at this card New NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M 2GB DDR5 MXM 3 0 Type B for Clevo Alienware | eBay But will it work in my Clevo p150hm ?
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