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  1. Hi EpicBlob Thanks for the answer. For what's is worth, I've made a little step in my setup. I'll be updating this post for more infos soon, but meanwhile, there's what Ive done: (reminder: my main problem to begin, was that my system report told me there was no Thunderbolt device connected) -For the 4th time, I've unplugged everything. -Inspect (again) the TH-05,moving around switchers making shure they are working well. -Got rid of the 4pin (Molex to floppy) power adaptor that was in between my PSU and the TH-05. -(Since I was looking for infos in the console, I got of my SMC Fan Controller Deamon that flooded my console with errors, and got Macs Fan Control) -I even turn around my thunderbolt cable since I had no clue at all. Then: -On the TH-05, Put the PCI-e Switcher on 2x++ (SW1 on 3) then the Portridge delay switcher on 500ms (SW2 on 2) -Power switch on the atx power board on OFF position (SW1 on 3) -Like I told before, I turned around my Thunderbolt cable. -Tried a Sapphire 6950 Toxic instead of my 7950 Vapor-X -I plugged everything in place, while my mac mini was on. (was typing everything I've done on notepad) ... The rig powered by it self, and the diagnostic leds changed colors. (instead of LD1 = PVCC3V3 , LD3 = PERST# , LD4 = DET I had LD1 and LD4 to 6 on) The TH-05 appeared in system report Then I went to the console , and while modifying the extensions... Kernel panic. -> CMD+R. ->Maverick re-install. (clone is not working for what ever reason) :/ After rebooting on a fresh mavericks, went straight back to console. Change the extensions again, Terminal > sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions , reboot. (AMD6000.kext ; AMDSupport.kext ; IONDRVFramebuffer -> I've edited IONDRVSupport instead ; And I didn't touch the AppleHDAController.kext as it didn't appeared, and not even AppleHDA.kext as I fought it was only for people wanting to fix HDMI/Sound support ) (Change also AMDX3000.kext in the Cayman section with is the codename of the GPU) Notice my menu bar is flickering, and flooding my console for checking if the drivers are working. iStat seamed to be the source of this problem. I deleted it, my menu bar came back again. The card appears in System report under Graphic card / monitor but not under PCI card. No hardware accel, but i can plug an HDMI cable ton my mojito and use it as a second Monitor (power by HD4000 but linked to the eGPU) Turn off everything then out back my Vapor-X on the TH-05 Boot. Console tells me that I need to modify AMD7000.kext, which I do. Reboot. Card is detected, as the 6950 but no acceleration either. I modify the AppleHAD.kext then reboot. No acceleration. That's all for now, its the week end, I want o go outside see the sun a little bit
  2. Hi, First post, I'll try to introduce my self I'm a OSX gamer, which some people refer to masochist. Month ago I've acquired a Bplus TH-05 on ebay (if you ask I thought its wasn't a bargain, but when I see prices now, I'm happy with the price I paid ^^'). Knowing that I my knowledge wouldn't be enough to make it work and more other that I would not have the time to make it work, I gave it to a very nice and competent man who's writing a great blog about OSX and other oddities. He came up with a nice solution for almost every eGPU system under OSX (A Thunderbolt GPU on a Mac : How-to | Le journal du lapin). Keep in mind that this can be useful for all creative software on macs. If you're french fluent there's plenty of nice subjects here. So now I have my TH-05 back, I've powered a Sapphire Radeon 7950 Vapor-X GPU with a Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 450W PSU Everything should be at least detected, but Mavericks System Report says that there's no Thunderbolt device connected. :/ *What I've tested so far: -Test the 7950 Vapor-X GPU in another Computer. It worked -Connect another PSU -more powerful. It didn't work -Connect a Sapphire 6950 Toxic to the TH-05. No occurrence in console nor system report. *What I should test: -Test a Nvidia GPU on the TH-05. -Test another ATI/AMD GPU -Suggestions? Also if some of the few lucky owners of the TH-05 knows: how the "diagnostic less" are working, what's the purpose of the 3 position switch a the end of the board could send me a user manual. If it even exists.. It would be very nice. Thanks beforehand.
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