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  1. Thank johnksss and svl7 and Klem, for your support and help in the development of programs such as this, the VBIOS the graphics cards. A doubt, my profile, a member since 2014, I am already "Promoted", but the download of the VBIOS (OC edition' rev0.zip 1.0.0)from the 980M 8G, says that I have to pay 6.00 USD. I question, is it really necessary to pay? Or can I donate to the developers, on their paypal link (as I usually do)? Big thanks, best regards
  2. Hi people, I watch a notice (link), about Naomi Watts, is almost died during filming. I went to see the film, Lo Imposible, and it surprised me. It portrays a historic moment, and a little bit for emotional. Anyone who likes films that move emotions, this is one of them.
  3. Hi everyone, Just a big thanks to savvas, for the post and program lights. Very useful. :-)
  4. Hi Prema, I have one problem. My light red from SPDIF is alwais on. If i turn off in settings sound(off Realtek Digital Output) the light remains on. I´m using windows 8.1 SP1, pirate(updates works) and i use last bios (version 2) from you in my clevo 170SM. The problem is because Widows 8.1(or some software as Hotkey ) or some option in BIOS?? Thanks for help
  5. HI I recommend windows laptop... usually it have most compatibility witch games and some software engineering (like autocad). Mac is the best for make movies and reendering image. Games is not the best, unfortunately. I think if you have windows and use virtual machine you can try SO mac. Another problem, hardware apple normally is not generic, have diferent size to standart (like dimensions modules RAM).
  6. Thanks Prema, for your time dedicate at this blog and world clevo. Have a nice day and thanks again for this Clevo Service Manuals.
  7. Thanks for this manuals (in my case, 170SM). I apreciate, and it´s need for future upgrades. I need upgrade mSata. Thanks again.
  8. Big thanks , Prema and yours mod BIOS. I found you searching in google. The last update v1 to v2 increasse permormance in computer, mainly the GTX 780M. I test sleeping dogs using v1, sometime is not fluid. Using v2....the game is always fast. Amaizing. Thanks for you work. When solved problem paypal give a gift you.
  9. Hi User of a clevo P170SM, Born in Portugal. Working with Laptops and Smartphone Android. Big thanks to Prema and yours mod BIOS, by searching for mod in BIOS i found this fórum. :-D
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