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  1. Getting 20322 score in 3DMark06 yet still Battlefield 4 and DayZ play pretty lagged out, even in campaign...
  2. Hey nando really appreciate your continued support on this topic. So I have a PE4H 2.4b, so I think I should be able to support a 1.2 link? But every time I use your program and try to do a Gen 2 setup it simply doesn't display anything out of the DVI-D. And also, I do have the card directly displaying to the monitor, however what I'm saying is for some reason it wont display unless my laptop is also connected to it via its VGA port...very strange UPDATE: I'm able to get it to work without the VGA now. Now my only problem is getting it to work when I select Gen 2....ALSO, I just did a test with GPUZ and while im playing there is no load on the integrated GPU...meaning Opt is not activated....Im using regular drivers do I need to use the modded ones? UPDATE: I turned on vsync and it helped a little...
  3. Would really appreciate it if someone could help me out. My GTX 560 ti is working with a 1.1Opt link on my Lenovo X230 however any game I play on regaurdless of settings will have this stutter in frame rates. I have downloaded the newest drivers for everything and was wondering if anyone had any ideas where to start on how to fix this. Thank you! Also interesting troubleshoot: Both my integrated laptop monitor and external work when my VGA is connected from my laptop to my external. I also have my DVI-D cord from my eGPU plugged into the external. The monitor is running off the DVI-D, however my external monitor will only work if the VGA from my laptop is plugged into it....might be part of the problem
  4. So I guess it's normal that my gtx 560 is only running at 1.1Opt but there are still jitters in fps when I play. I tried updating every driver I have with no luck... Any ideas?
  5. I'm having a little issue with my eGPU setup and was hoping you could help. I can get my eGPU (Nvidia 560 ti) to work on my Lenovo X230T. The problem is it runs at x1.1 instead of 1.2, and I'm not sure if that's the reason that everything I play, regardless of settings, has somewhat of a stutter every now and again. It will play at high fps but will stutter a lot. Any ideas?
  6. Got the email, my bad didn't even it in junk

  7. Not to sure how to PM on my phone. Just wanted to let know know I sent the money for the egpu setup, thanks.

  8. Sent the money, please let me know when you got it and sent the link. Thanks.
  9. And now its back to how it was, where it is only showing on my internal LCD....
  10. I am using a PE4H and a GTX 560 ti with a Lenovo x230. I connected it, it saw the device as the standard VGA, I installed drivers and it now shows up as a GTX 560 ti. No matter what I do (uninstall its driver, uninstall both it and my intel HD 4000 multiple times) I cant get anything to show up on my external monitor...Anyone have any ideas? UPDATE: Now I got it to work on my external but not my internal...
  11. Yeah that one is a little out of my price range. Max im trying to spend is 170 on the card. Thanks for the links though and the advice!
  12. Hey thanks a lot for the reply. One more question if you have the time. Would you know what graphics card I should get if I wanted to match the limits of my CPU? If I use a NVIDIA card I can have a 1.2opt link so it shouldn't hamper my card that much as an external card.
  13. I currently have a Intel Core i7-3520M 2-Core 2.9GHz. I was about to buy a GTX 480 (and use it as an external GPU), but then I thought that this processor might bottleneck my card. Can anyone confirm or deny this?<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  14. I currently have a Intel Core i7-3520M 2-Core 2.9GHz. I was about to buy a GTX 480, but then I thought that this processor might bottleneck my card. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  15. Can someone confirm or deny this statement I found? "The latest X230 bios per X230 expresscard adressing (eGPU) - Page 3 - Lenovo Community does change TOLUD to allow an eGPU to be accomodated in 32-bit pci-e address space *if* it detects an eGPU during bios bootup. Meaning you must have powered on the eGPU and have it attached to the X230T before powering on the X230T. Ensure too the PCI Reset Delay jumper (SW1) is set to position 1 (0 seconds) so it doesn't add any detection delay." If this is true, it will only be dfa00000 until I plug in the new eGPU in.
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