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  1. Hey Prema I left a message on your site as well, I'm not sure which one you check more so I figured I would just post here as well. I was hoping to get my Alienware 13 R2 BIOS modded now that it'll no longer be receiving BIOS updates, I've got a 965m and a 6500u processor. I tried modding it myself but failed, that would be really awesome to see what this thing can do with an unlocked BIOS, here's a link to the latest and final Alienware 13 R2 BIOS http://downloads.dell.com/FOLDER03960579M/1/Alienware13_R2_1.3.9.EXE Thanks for all of the work you do, I've been using your VBIOS mods on my other laptop for years
  2. Hey I'm in Windows 8.1 are there any methods for me to flash my VBIOS?
  3. Well I followed the steps you said but it's still not working, it's actually even glitchier now. As soon as the NVIDIA drivers install I get static all over my screen and it'll crash shortly after. Uninstalling/Entering safe mode both immediately fix it. I'm at a real loss now, any ideas for what can be done?
  4. Well I have no idea what happened but now no matter what I can't install drivers on my 120Hz pure UEFI 980m Alienware 17 R5. I've tried full uninstalls using DDU in safe mode, various versions of the drivers and .inf mods from here as well as laptopvideo2go. No matter what I try I get bizarre glitches with the display and my computer will immediately crash if I load a 3D game. It has to be driver-related as my computer is running perfectly when I have no NVIDIA drivers installed. Any ideas?
  5. Yep that seems to have fixed it for now, thanks for the help and the mods
  6. Hey alright, I've tried reinstalling a couple times and uninstalling with DDU, I'll give it another try I guess in safe mode
  7. Hey this might be a bit of a long shot but do you have any idea why I might get display glitches/crashes when I install modded drivers with these in UEFI Windows 8.1 with a 980m and 120Hz monitor? It worked for a day but then it started crashing and it's been broken ever since
  8. Hey guys I'm on the 2013/2014 Alienware 17 'R5' model. My related specs are as follows: GTX 980m i7 4900mq Windows 7 I wanted to upgrade from the 60Hz screen to the 120Hz screen. I purchased the screen and the corresponding cord but after I finally got it installed I just got 8 beeps from the computer, the code for a failed LCD. At first I thought maybe the display was just faulty so I took the time to put my old screen back in. I also get 8 beeps. Right now I'm just looking for help to make my computer actually work again, thanks guys
  9. Hey does anybody know of any mods that can be made to the Alienware 17 CPU heatsink beyond just simple repasting/fan cleaning? I've been looking at the Alienware 18 R2 3-pipe CPU fan, it looks like it would be extremely close to fitting. Can anybody confirm if it fits/would be easy to make fit?
  10. Huh, interesting, I had no idea such a thing existed. I'll definitely be trying that out soon and coming back here with the results on a friend's laptop
  11. Alright, thank you very much. Might I ask how these mods work exactly? I'm most interested in why the 980m throttles in the first place and what this does to circumvent it
  12. So I've had bad luck with installing modded files on my Alienware 17 R5, can anybody confirm if these will work for me?
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