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  1. Pleased to report that clearing a Win7 registry setting allowed all four Titans to run as normal. Nigel
  2. Hi Boomer, Are your 4 Titans still running ok with current NV drivers and latest Supermicro BIOS 3a? I have 4 Titans and the X9DRG-QF, but can only get the two cards attached to CPU1 to work (CPU1 Slot2, CPU1 Slot4). With original R 1.0 BIOS, I had 4 AMD 7970's running OpenCL fine. Then updated IPMI firmware, loaded BIOS R 3.0. and started adding Titans. With either 1 or 2 cards (in CPU1 Slot2 and CPU1 Slot4), everything was perfect. But when I added the 3rd Titan into CPU2 Slot6 (connected to CPU2), any CUDA calls to this 3rd card caused instant BSOD. Same with 4th card in CPU2 Slot8. Funny thing was, the other two cards (attached to CPU1) still ran any CUDA code fine. Supermicro tech support thought BIOS R 3.0a would help, but now with 4 cards, no cuda calls work. Once I take out the cards attached to CPU2, all is good. Using Win7 x64, NV driver 332.21, 128 GB DDR3. You mention "disable UEFI Video OpROM support". Do you think the UEFI BIOS in Titan is causing my problem? X9DRG is certified for quad GK110, but that's the non-UEFI Tesla... System runs beautifully with two Titans in slots on CPU1. Any ideas why I can't get all four to work? BIOS setting for > 4GB decoding is enabled. thanks!! Nigel
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