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  1. Hello all, I have had keen interest on the thunderbolt egpu but didn't have enough guts to try it since it costs a lot to set up the thunderbolt egpu environment. I have a macbook pro retina 2012 and a thunderbolt display. I was wondering if I could hook egpu to my first thunderbolt port and thunderbolt display to my second thunderbolt port on my macbook pro retina and run the game on the external display. This is my dream setup but it seems nobody has tried it yet. I know that you can hook your thunderbolt display to the desktop motherboard that support tb and use something called virtu to use the gpu. That is, thunderbolt display is connected to the motherboard and not the gpu but motherboard can still reroute the data to go out to the thunderbolt display. I was wondering if this could be the case for the thunderbolt egpu + thunderbolt display. Has anybody tried it yet?
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