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    MSI GS70 BIOS Dead ?

    Good Morning, After I upgraded the firmware of my GS70 successfully, I tried to flash my BIOS.( I know in retrospective, this was absurd). I used the files available from MSI download page, but it crashed midway, and tried to reboot. Then the drama starts : the laptop was running, with one fan (CPU) on full power, LEDs were on, but I had a black screen and the laptop was completely unresponsive. So I pulled out the battery, now the laptop won't boot, actually nothing happen, the laptop is a total brick. I suppose my BIOS is dead. After I read https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=119375.0 , I come here for a little help. What should I have exactly on my USB drive, and what should I do with it ? (which button to push when I plug it in, with or without battery ?) Thanks a lot !
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