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  1. New custom made Power connector for Akitio thunder to with Dell DA2 on Ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-5mm-Akitio-Thunder2-Dell-DA-2-PCI-E-External-Video-Box-Power-Supply-Solution-/232146245035?hash=item360cfe95ab:g:t4QAAOSw44BYJSAA hope you find it useful ps: The seller can make any connector you ask him.
  2. other thunderbolt motherboard model 60-NMMMB1000-C09 if the motherboard has this number 60-NMMMB1000-C09 1000 not 1100 most likely has thunderbolt
  3. I found this site but I don't know if they are not a fake site. http://www.laptop-motherboard.org/goods-207357.html
  4. Asusparts.Eu I contact them but they respond that they not provide motherboard due to asus restriction !!!!
  5. unfortunately even aliexpress they don't know any thing and some seller they don't have the items I contact asus but no respond http://asusalkatresz.hu/category/G4/G46VW/G46VW-1A-AMERICAS this web site provide motherboard its a company in Hungary but they not respond to email I will try to contact to asus branch in Dubai im from Saudi Arabia and asus don't provide g46vw model in middle east but i will try
  6. this are the motherboard that has the thunderbolt support maybe there others but that what I found
  7. No that is not the number it should be like this "69N0N8M11C09" but its ok man you do a great help thanks
  8. sorry but I have one more question what is the No. of the motherboard ? you can found it here http://i5.3conline.com/images/piclib/201303/11/batch/1/166448/13629969824415v3gq66bsw.jpg it is on the yellow sticker e.g. 69N0N8M11C09 thanks
  9. @jacobsson can you please take a pic of your motherboard (just the front side) to see if you have the controller like @kaijohn said bx I order a rev 2.2 motherboard and its not like the pics above (the controller he said its not there). so I can return it please its so important....
  10. you are right about the price its one of the disadvantage but if I wont to make a eGPU using this product ONLY (I don't wont to use any other e.g. power supply ....) what you suggest to take from the options so far I have mac late 2011 15' and asus g46vw all are thunderbolt 1 and what is the GPU best for the option you suggest sorry for this Q's but I'm new in this and I don't wont the DIY eGPU because the cables and stuffs thanks
  11. Hi I like to share what I think is a good solution for eGPU for me I still not use this solution BUT I think its something interesting to Post. CUBE Enclosures CUBEs mCUBEs nanoCUBE Data Sheet http://www.onestopsystems.com/documents/CUBE_oss_datasheet.pdf the great thing is you can add thunderbolt (1 or 2) or pcie cable the other interesting thing is support ATX Auxiliary power for GPUs its also came with a lot of sizes and options use with PC with pcie Host and laptop with thunderbolt or expresscard 34 Host for the laptop that does not have both connections the Bplus Have this solution it may work (not tested) PM3P (PCIE×1 to Full miniCard Adapter) PM3P (PCIE×1 to Full miniCard Adapter) like I said before I not test it because lake of experience hope you find it interested websites PCIe Over Cable — Expansion Enclosures Desktop Expansion | MaxExpansion.com thanks NOTE: English is my 2nd language.
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