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  1. @Nospheratu, got weird memory issue the other night. I bought a WD 750gb sata 3gbs HDD to up the space as my primary drive. I was installing windows updates when the computer froze or locked up and the screen went blank. I left it for around 20 minutes, as i did not want to mess anything up. but the state did not change. after not getting any response from key strokes, i rebooted the computer. after which experienced a few problems, it would post, but not boot, it would not even boot from the cd rom to try and do a fresh install. it would attempt to load OS and then just sit blank. so i ran the onboard diagnostic that comes with the laptop, it had memory errors, ( i dont remember the codes) Upon opening the bios, it was only reading one, 4gb Ram module. and the memory mode in the bios was single channel instead of dual. I removed one of the chips, thinking one of the two 4gb modules had gone bad. But i tested both chips alone in each slot and was able to boot up fine from the single bottom ram slot with both chips, but the not the one above it. so both modules work in the one slot but not the other. the bios does not give me the option to switch on dual over single mode, did one of the chips go bad or is my slot fried? any thoughts would be a big help. Thank you =)
  2. This screen is amazing, in the dark my friends and i drool a little. My touch pad is blown, so it needs to be replaced, then its (almost) mobile (the bettery doesnt even last an hour, without gaming! hah) anyway.. I did try the hdmi. I get video but no audio =( I did get vid and audio with the 4870m, the 7970m should be capable of pushing both.. I know @sangemaru gets audio and video out of the hdmi, what gives! Here is the screen shot of the GPU Shark, while playing sanctum 2. Steam ID - StoneyBologna420
  3. I did install the card already with IC diamond paste, (my temps max out around 76c) the screen and card run great. Will this vbios mess up my RGB screen? i thought that was the reason to mod the bios from the one it has now.. otherwise everything runs smooth as velvet.
  4. I got the Vbios package downloaded! I will be flashing tonight. Thank you so much for your hard work, input and guidance in this issue. I will update with more info tonight!
  5. @sangemaru I got the new screws for the 7970m x bracket. The seller requested the package to be signed for and i was at work, so no card today, i will have to pick it up tomorrow. I will be reading through the bios flashing guide tonight and get set up for that. Thank you for your input about the heat sink mod. The guy at eurocom seemed pretty adamint about modifying the heatsink so it gets proper seating over the card or he said there would be an air gap over some of the chips (not exactly sure where, he was not specific). I just dont want to fry the card, obviously once i get the card i will line them up and see whats going on there. Cheers
  6. Hey Hey! Update: the seller of the clevo card out of russia contacted me this morning via ebay to let me know the card was out for delivery today! i have an engagement to go to tonight but i will let you guys know tomorrow morning asap. I got my thermal compound form ic diamond and the x bracket and thermal pads from the great guys at eurocom. All i have to do is modify the m17x r2 heat sink to fit the 7970m. this to me is the trickiest part. if anyone has any help they con provide iu will be very thankful this thanks giving. hope everyone has a great thanks giving ( or great any other day =) ) cheers
  7. @naspheratu Incredible, read some on your post from the sig, did not know that certain bios versions could corrupt to the RBG screen. My friend purchased a m15x r1 a few months back, and the screen quality (color depth, viewing angle ect) was amazing. so i am anxious to get my screen working with proper drivers =)to be clear, when i receive the 7970m card, rip the current bios from it and share it here, then apply the bios that @svl7 has supplied above, correct? because in your signature i see your provide a few options depending on your use or setup. I have quite a bit of 'working with desktop knowledge' but flashing the vbios is new to me and i do not want to fry a nice card =)More background on the card I ordered from the seller:"Was installed on a laptop Clevo P370EM. Bios card (BR43595.003). This version of the BIOS graphics card is suitable to laptop P370EM. [FONT=Arial]This card is perfect for laptops Clevo P151EM/P170EM/P370EM/P570EM. At the expense of other models of laptops I can not say anything." [/FONT][FONT=Arial]@naspheratu you were right on the cards origin!Update, Eurocom wanted to sell me a already modded heatsink but they were out of them, but basically said that i had to "grind down the low area where the vram goes" on the heat sink. is there a good guide for this? This is a bit of an extreme mod that I do not want to botch.[/FONT] :81:-Proper
  8. Thank you. You guys are great! Sorry i was afk for a few days! I thought i was getting email updates to this thread anywho.. svl7, I ordered the card off of ebay, with no x bracket, for $360! =D but the card is in Russia and i will not receive it until next month! =( I live in Florida, USA nospheratu, thats great to know thanks for checking. Yes it has Enduro enabled, what does that mean? I lucked out with this laptop, someone posted it on craigs list for $100. said it would not boot. Sold me the manual, OS, Drivers disc, power plug, i7, blueray burner, it had two fried 4870ms and fried wifi/ bluetooth cards. after removing one of the videocards the computer booted! but i have a blank/ black screen (and the monitor is not detected in windows) so assuming this second card is fried i purchased an "upgrade". (this after trying the extreme option of replacing the mobo) When i receive the card in the mail ( next month, yikes) i will get the bios off it and post it here asap. as far as for heat, i am getting in touch with eurocom about the heat sink mod for the 7970m in the m17x r2, and i ordered 24 carat ic diamond paste. I know this baby will fry itself if youre not careful. thank you for your kind help! Ill stay updated on this thread
  9. Greetings I recently purchased a clevo 7970m (Bios (BR43595.003) for my m17x r2. I have not received the card yet, but after reading some threads I saw mention of certain bios versions (the latest ones) are incompatible. That the card would need 015.021 or later. and further more trying to down grade will brick the card. IS there any advice as to what my options are or if the card should just be returned. They ship it out Monday. Thank you in advance for any help or thoughts. -Proper
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