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  1. Hello, I will run CrossFireX on this Board. During my search to run AMD CrossFireX on the Motherboard, i asked Supermicro´s support (the answer can be found in the previous post) but however, i wasn´t satisfied with these statements of the supermicro support. So i asked AMD´s support what prerequisites would needed for CrossFireX. The answer was: yes it should going, i think i would try it for my own. Friendly greetings, johannes<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  2. Hello, thanks for your answer. Looks like nice SLI Support. @Boomer: Can you tell more about your System? Do you use the one of the SuperChassis 747 Series? CPU´s? RAM? OperatingSystem? Windows 64bit? Is it running stabel or some crashes? I have asked Supermicro Support for CrossFire support. The answer was: - Hardware wise yes (Crossfire only requirement is 2pcs or more PCI-E x16 slots)- Only Crossfire is always supported as long as a mainboard has 2x PCI-E x16 slots with x16 link - And if this is supported by the OS and drivers (of the VGA cards) then yes this is supported - We have not tested this configuration so we cannot guarantee it will work but it should be supported. So, there bothe multiGPU are supported. AMD´s CrossFire with the standard BIOS and SLI with your version. Friendly greetings, johannes
  3. Hello, everyone. I think about the Supermicro X9DRG-QF mainboard for my next system. But unfortunately it did not support nVidia SLI from factory. In use of 2, 3 or 4 graphicscards, as multiGPU @Boomer: Your modified BIOS version sounds good. Could you post some screens of SLI support, system control, preferences and GPU-Z ect. @cayman: You uses the BIOS version from Boomer, have you compared it with the original BIOS? Did you may notice some differences? crashes? Or is all working fine? For an short answer i would thankfull. Friendly greetings, johannes

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