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  1. Hi all, Can anyone please tell about what is large memory under Device Manager and 36-bit root bridge DSDT override mean? I always get error43 on nondo suggest that 306.97 WHQL driver . Latest driver and etc. will goes black screen! My TOLUD is 3GB (C0000000) so my device manager didn't have the large memory can I still get it work? wanna to make my eGPU through internal display with intel GMA45. My spec: Windows 7 64bit 8GB ram
  2. since last year until today my eGPU still can't get detect yet...
  3. What type of driver did you used? Because I can't find the Nvidia 600series verde driver for internal LCD, I'm using GT640 and detect but can't open Nvidia control panel with Nvidia 334.89 driver.
  4. Now my eGPU was detect by change some PCIe setting in bios! But now face a new problem with how to make it work with my internal LCD? Mod nvam.inf for the latest Nvidia driver to let it work?
  5. Hi all, I'm newbie on eGPU project and face some problem now, hope to get it solve asap! my item: 1. PE4L v2.1b - PM3N 2. GT640 3. Acer Aspire 4736z 4. suitable power supply and more... I want to make it for internal LCD only! While I connect PM3N to mPCIe slot(remove my wireless card)and power on my eGPU then turn on my notebook and my notebook always BLACK SCREEN! I test for hit F8 and power on my eGPU + standby mode my windows 7 64bit and power on my eGPU both also not working/not detect! How can I solve my problem? Boss nando please help me:48_002:
  6. Thanks for your reply! May I ask about if I plug AC adapter only and the eGPU system will work or not? (I'm using PE4L v2.1b - PM3N on this project) or must connect the usb - usb cable to let it work / depand on graphic card model?
  7. This is great! Can you show me your 150w "Jasper" XBox 360 PSU wiring diagram?
  8. Hi Remko78, I most like your eGPU project! So I decide to make one for myself but I have some question to ask you, what brand of laptop AC adapter 12v 10a 120w you used in this project? Can you show me your M2 nuts and bolts dimension(0.4mmx?mm)?
  9. "doesn't seem to meet the minimum requirement to engage optimus"? Which item can't meet?
  10. Hi all, I have a question to ask, my notebook was Acer AS4736z Intel GMA 4500M. If I purchase PE4L-PM060A v2.1b + Gigabyte Radeon HD 6670 is it good on gaming? or Nvidia for best? can I use internal notebook for display?
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