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  1. I have a gt70 with an i7-3630qm and a gtx 675mx. It stays at about 82C at default clocks with turbo fan off. Overclocking with +130 core, +670 mem takes the temp up to 90s, so I keep turbo fan on and it stays at 74-77C.
  2. I have a GT70 0ND with a gtx675mx. According to gpu-z my vddc drops from 1.025V to 1.000V after about 2 minutes of gaming. If turbo is activated, it drops from 1.0370V to 1.0120V. Same thing when happens on default or overclocked. Temps are low enough ( below 65C ). Is this normal? Or is something really wrong with my laptop? http://gpuz.techpowerup.com/13/10/03/263.png http://gpuz.techpowerup.com/13/10/03/dt4.png here are a two screenshots before and afterward.
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