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  1. You can also tried the evercool magic fan, it suck the hot air out of your laptop. But i dont know if its very effective
  2. I tried long time ago, I take polyester fabric and I glue a piece of rubber. I made a mouse pad of 100x30cm. But it's not very comfortable so i bought a razer
  3. I use a notepal u3 and iam satisfied. But my other cooler, the NZXT cryo LX is much powerfull !
  4. i dont know, i use the stock thermal pad provides with the heatsink,I did not know that Phobya make thermal paste
  5. 73.2% for my ASIC quality, I do not know if it's good or not, but thanks for the advices, I'l try the ic diamond 24carat and better thermal pads, Liquid ultra scared me
  6. Hi everybody, sorry for my bad english i am French ^^ . I need advice from people with MSI GT70 with 680M, because i think my graphics card is running too hot in game. I repast five times since i had my gt70 0ne and i always reach 90°C in game (crysis and BF3) all options in Ultra (1920*1080). I bought a heatsink from Cooler Boost 2 http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2014/03/1389995052-p1190436.jpg So when i see some guy saying they stay at 70-75C° max degrees in games, I wonder how they do it. I use artic silver 5, i also try the noctua NT-h1, but it changes nothing. I had a notepal u3. Maybe I should use high end thermal pad (superior to 8 W/Mk) or use Collaboratry liquid ultra . I dont see anithing and I believe that the 680m heats simply more than the other cards (660m, 670, MX,770m, ...) Or maybe these people do not just play has blockbuster like crysis, metro last light, far cry3, battlefield 3and 4 ...(more cpu and gpu demand than other game in ultra or max) And have you a GT70 with a 680m? and if this is the case what are your temps in games?
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