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  1. Hi Klem, thanks to replyed! I already test those solutions, but the ssd located in bay two when formatted to linux (debian) dosn't show up in the boot menu.... So there is still no way to boot either on w8 located on bay one OR debian (kali linux) located on bay two (ssd). I am really in a hurry because I need to work either on w8 OR Linux for my Job and I didn't notice when I bought Asus G75vw Uefi will block dual boot from the both bays......If you will be kind enough to forward this problem to the right department or guy, I will be very happy to share others informations with you and add you to my friend lis if you pleased. Note it is a VERY URGENT MESSAGE, and that iI am new to techinferno, don't really get time to study fine rules and need a solution. If someone may find a quick solution, i will give a donation for that, and for you too. Thanks a lot and have a great day! Clemson, Nice, France.
  2. HI guys, As a professional Pentester, I need to work with Linux, as many pentesting tools are made for this platform (Backtrack, Kali linux.....). I own the original 750 Hdd/Windows 8, and i put a PLextor Extreme 128Gb on the other bay. I tweaked the Bios 223 for better performance, but there is still NO WAY to choose booting from the Hdd or th Ssd, as the Uefi system disable every non Uefi systems. If someone may help, I would give a (littl) contribution.... Thanks, Clemson, Nice, FRANCE. i
  3. Hi everybody, I own a G75VW with Windows 8 on the 750Gb Hdd and Kali Linux (pentesting solution based on Debian 6). How please to tweak or configure the bios as I may boot either on the Hdd or the Ssd? I will pay a little contribution for the solution..... Clemson, Nice, FRANCE.
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