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  1. Great info! Many thanks Edit: The B156HW01-V4 appears to be out of stock pretty much everywhere and discontinued so I have gone with a B156HTN01.1. Edit #2: My B156HTN01.1 arrived today and I fitted it without issue No dead pixels, the viewing angles at 70/70/60/60 are pretty good for a TN panel and the brightness and colours look great! Thanks again Tech Inferno Fan!
  2. Hi all. I just thought i'd start a thread about the 8570P since I could not see one here. My main focus is trying to get information about the best 1080P screen to upgrade to. The Current screen installed is a 1600 x 900 Samsung LTN156KT02-302 which actually does have fairly decent viewing angles and colours but i'd love to swap it out for some IPS action The connector is a dual channel LVDS (40 pin). My version uses the Intel HD4000 GPU and is not a AMD GPU version... Does anyone know what the standard 1080P screen(s) installed in this model is? All I know is the HP part number: 690405-001 Feel free to chime in with any other 8570P stuff... let's keep it all in one place
  3. Thank you very much for the screen info Tech Inferno Fan! Very useful Much appreciated! Yes my installed screen is the AUO B125XW02 V.0 panel with truly dismal 45/45/15/35 viewing angles! Panelook has no info on the Samsung variant viewing angles so no idea if this would be an improvement... I will investigate more on the IPS front and report back Update : after much internet scouring and looking at specs etc I have ordered a likely candidate. Hopefully if the panel arrives undamaged *and* if it is actually the panel I ordered () then i'll try fitting it and report back! Update#2 : Sadly the supplier sent me the wrong screen which is 10mm too tall so no chance it will fit without major surgery.. However I found the correct screen on Ebay so that should fit with a bit of creative Dremel work Hopefully the correct screen will arrive tomorrow...
  4. Hi there Just curious: has anyone actually managed to replace the LCD on the 2570p? The standard screen is atrocious with terrible viewing angles...I realise that there have been a couple of failed attempts with Lenovo IPS screens and the resolution limitation but any WVA screen upgrade would be welcome! Also does anyone know what the standard screen make and model is? Come on people... let me know
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