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  1. Obviously you're a bit limited on RAM and disk space but sure it is possible with that model.
  2. "I've gone through all the steps. Added the mba 2012 pci.bat file that Tech Inferno Fan kindly provided. But I'm still seeing the error 12? Not sure what is wrong here?" Nevermind I fat fingered my startup file! Doh. Everything works 100%! Thank you!
  3. Further inspection Pierre is directly hooked into the echo. However would there be a bandwidth drop thus performance hit. If you placed chained a thunderbolt external drive in with a e-gpu? Just curious.
  4. Nando4, Thanks a lot for the info! Much appreciated! I'm nearly complete on my setup. I will contribute my own personal rig thread in the e-gpu forums once I compile everything. Side question. Looks like Pierre is running a TB hub with a SATA drive. Any idea how he is pulling that off? Do you know if the eGPU takes a performance hit from doing such? Would be really nice to have a dedicated external Windows7 drive! Thank you!
  5. I'm a bit confused. I've gathered all the hardware components I need to make this happen. I have a mid-2012 MBA 11" i7 8GB, PE4L, sonnet echo and a gtx 660. However I'm not sure which path I should choose regarding BIOS or EFI for my windows installation. Some information suggests EFI is the better route. Then I read this thread. Anyone more enlightened than me care to share more info? *Sorry for the hijack!*
  6. Can your Fedora install leverage thunderbolt and the eGPU? I'd like to install CUDA utils and also run a triple boot if that is possible. If not I'll just stick with a VM in fusion.
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