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  1. First of all, you must have big balls (and a big wallet) to try something like this. I have a couple of questions about the performance if you find the time to show a bit more. I've seen companies like MSI, Silvertone, and others build prototype external GPUs for Thunderbolt over the past couple years that only worked with Windows as well but none of them had benchmarks like yours listed. Do you have any other GPUs form different generations you could try? I am curious to know what the cap on performance would be. Like, would a GTX460 (or whatever older card) get the same or worse numbers as the 570 you have. Could you post a video of game play footage when in an intense battle? More baddies the better. Let's see this thing under a heavy load. What's the frame rate then. (No offence, but shaking the mouse around in a friendly city is hardly stressing the card). Just want to know what the cap is/might be on this kind of rig. I mean, your 570 is plug into a port that's a fraction of the speed NVIDIA says is it should need for it's "peak bandwidth" of 160 Gbit/s. Basically, I just want to see this thing catch fire lol! No, but I would like to see a big battle of some kind. StarCraft 2 would be a good one, having to render all of those little units live in some of the custom tug of war games are stressful on the system. Anyway, thanks for humoring me.
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