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  1. Jacobsson, yeah, i've contacted him. Nando has let me know what i need to do about obtaining a copy of DIY Setup 1.x. Need to borrow a decent graphics card and as soon as i have all the relevant kit, I'll post on the forum and let you guys know how it goes. Thanks again.
  2. More than a mix than a song. But if you like your summer chill out hot creations has it down. Boom! https://soundcloud.com/hot-creations/hot-creations-intergalactic
  3. Thanks Jacobsson. I think i could borrow a gfx card this weekend. I'll look into the Tolud size and respond over the weekend. The idea of getting my head around DSDT again is not ideal, but if it has to be done, then I'll give it another try.
  4. Just watched The World's End. Jokes film! If you don't want to think too much and want a laugh I'd definitely recommend.
  5. Just a quick question. Its my first post so stay with me... Is it worth getting Setup 1.x given that I have 8gb of RAM in my Elitebook 2540p (i5 | Win 7). Does Setup 1.x have a work around for higher than 2gb RAM? From what I've understood (or misunderstood!) its not possible with more than 2gb RAM. At this stage I'm using an old 9800GT Palit gfx card - I'll get a better one if i can manage to get the eGPU up and running - I have a PE4H v2.4a and a suitable power supply. In the past I've tried DSDT 36 bit compaction but tbh I have no idea what I'm doing. I've read numerous forums over the past few months and i know that other HP 2540p owners have made the magic happen, but its not happening for me. I guess i jumped in a bit too far at the deep end. Any advice or direction to advice welcome!
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