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  1. Neo_1221

    Y510 wifi whitelist removal?

    Worked brilliantly, thank you!
  2. Neo_1221

    Y510 wifi whitelist removal?

    Here you go info.txt
  3. Neo_1221

    Y510 wifi whitelist removal?

    Thanks for your work on this svl7! I'm getting "Error 104: The 2 SPI flash devices do not have compatible command sets" when trying to run the backup batch file. For kicks I swapped out fparts for the Error 104 Fix one in the Y500/Y400 thread, but that just gives me "Error 51: An attempt was made to read beyond the end of flash memory". For reference I have a Y410p with the 1.07 BIOS and a single 750m with the .06 BIOS.
  4. Neo_1221

    Y510p Whitelist BIOS

    I've been waiting for the same thing for my Y410p. Looks like svl7 has just got it working - http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/4071-y510-wifi-whitelist-removal-5.html.
  5. Neo_1221

    Lenovo Y510P unlocked bios

    Svl7 is working on it - check this thread for updates http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/4071-y510-wifi-whitelist-removal-5.html.
  6. Neo_1221

    Y410p Wifi Whitelist Removal?

    Is there a de-whitelisted BIOS for the Y410P yet? I'd be happy to provide a BIOS dump for anyone who wants to work on it...just tell me how.
  7. Neo_1221

    Y510 wifi whitelist removal?

    Good to know! Do the Y410 and Y510 share the same BIOS? I'd love to get a de-whitelisted BIOS for my Y410p.
  8. Neo_1221

    Y510P Ram Issue

    The memory on my Y410P runs at 1.35v. If the Hyper-X runs at 1.5v that could indeed be the problem.

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