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  1. That sounds a bit weird. I tried it anyway and removed my two additional ram modules. Sadly the error remains the same
  2. Hello everyone, I just installed a new 880M into my M17x r4, booted into Debian and everything worked perfectly (using proprietary drivers from previous 675M) But things didn't look so nice when I logged into my Win7. I downloaded the latest drivers from Nvidia(361.43), created a modded inf and the installation failed The error looks like the screenshot on this page: http://www.custompcguide.net/2-methods-to-fix-nvidia-installer-failed-issue-for-geforce-video-cards/ I have tried: DDU, Safe Mode, Disabled Driver Signing Mode, "Manual" Install through device manager, two other versions of the driver and more(tm) So after trying all possible guides that I could find online, I decided to install another copy of win7 onto a clean partition. The driver install worked flawlessly and I managed to even get a stable +60/+200 overclock on the card, yay Migrating my previous windows installation by reinstalling all programs would at least take me another two full days and cost a lot of nerves :/ Thus I'm asking you guys whether you know a way to either - get the drivers to install - copy the drivers from one windows installation to the other (both are win7 ultimate x64) - easily get the old programs moved over to the new partition (including registry, user accounts and all other windows stuff) my old windows installation has experienced dd(cloning hdd) and multiple partition resizes besides being windows and thus slowly decaying over time. looking forward to your answers bonus questions: my 1440p screen flickers sometimes. might this be caused by the integrated graphics and could i disable it somehow? (i have tried different dp cables) what OCs have you achieved on the 880M? what's the maximum voltage that you'd classify as safe? temps with current OC dont go over 70C, stock cooler is pretty loud though
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