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    what a topic about the IQ barrier I have found here, throughout my life I have discovered that the measurement of this segment of an individual is only a process of competition between those who feel more capable and those who like to follow, given that IQ measures efficient problem solving, it cannot measure experience! This supposes a natural barrier for a process of social escalation, if there are individuals in which their native languages are different from each other, the conversations hardly reach exciting levels in moral or social matters, in the technological media there is a collective base of knowledge integration and experience that fits perfectly, although they are great minds who create high-tech design elements, it is often people with focused experience, who usually solve their common problems, this does not make them smarter than the creators, it's just that your pressures and approaches are less risky! Putting an IQ test could close the minds of the members of this forum on the theory that if you only accept those who think like you, you will only find followers who go to the same place, and thus close all possibilities of finding solutions or better ones. solutions to each event a hug to all I hope and you are very well
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