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Lenovo U530 Touch - Badnews?

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Currently, my Lenovo U530 Touch is my only option as a laptop to explore adding an eGPU to. After a fair amount of searching, I'm not finding whether this is even an option for this laptop. In short, I'd like to make it work if possible but am unable to find out if I'd be wasting my time resourcing the parts needed.

MB was changed due to a faulty drone connection that fried it and it now runs a slightly better Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz instead of the i7-4500 @ 1.8.


Any help in the right direction here would be great. The dedicated Nvidia 730M 2gb card isn't cutting it. I can barely even run CAD programs at desired rendering with it.



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if the pdf that i looked into is correct it would have atleast a mpcie slot so  there atleast an adapter that may work with your pc however you may have to ask for someone to modify your uefi to remove any white/blacklist it may have and possibly other fixes as well. it looks like its the hardware acceleration is disabled probably due to quirks to optimus? try updating both igp ang dgpu drivers and see if it make things better sometimes works with games that recognizes the   gpu as igp even when set to run using the dgpu 

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