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15" Clevo P150EM @ 4.7 GHz + GTX580@4Gbps+c-mPCIe2 (PE4L 2.1b) + Win7 [Khenglish]

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So I managed to fix my 580 that I used to use with my old eGPU setup. I hooked it up with an mpci-e PE4L 2.1b that Tech Inferno Fan sent to me to my P150EM with a 3920xm at over 4.7ghz. The dGPU was disabled through Tech Inferno Fan's setup program to enable pci-e compression. 580 was at around 1045/4360 with some variation from test to test.

3dm06 35365 4737 MHz

3dmv 29194 4700 MHz

3dm11 7870 4719 MHz

firestrike 5393 4719 MHz

RE5 dx9 variable 268.8 4610 MHz

My main focus was on 3dm06, which could not be completed at even 4MHz faster or with the memory timings any tighter. I could have run firestrike and RE5 at higher clocks but didn't bother. Fire strike probably had very little room left anyway. RE5 was failing to complete at 4.7ghz, and I needed to do a restart if I wanted to loosen memory timings ( I was running 9-10-10 2133 at the time) to raise BCLK enough to do close to 4.7 ghz from a x46 multiplier. 4610 proved no faster than a 4390 run I did earlier, so I did not bother pushing higher. I had the memory at CAS10 for vantage even though I definitely could have done CAS9 with the low BCLK, but the improvement would probably not have been noticeable.

With CPU clocks this high everything, even 3dm06 is very GPU limited on a 580. In addition, firestrike and 3dm11 seem to be hit particularly hard by the pci-e bottleneck. 3dm06 is actually slightly better on the 580 than my 7970m. The 580 does particularly well in the 3rd gpu test while almost tying the 7970m in other tests. In everything else besides 3dm06 my 7970m wins.

I'm not really going to spend any more time on this since the 7970m is slightly faster than the 580. Maybe I'll find a faster dead card off of ebay, fix it, test it, then sell it, but that's the only possibility.

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