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dells Samsung PM830 Firmware upgrade OEM/Retail bug

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Hi guys,

Not sure if its a good place to ask if something please correct me ;)

I have PM830 in my Alienware 17 R4 and when I installed Samsung magician it told me the disk is not supported, it recognize 840Pro that I have with no problem and all for it work fine. Dell as I read is not interested in fixing this at all ;)

When I start looking for it on google I found there was bigger issue even that dell pissed...here are 2 links:

updating Dell version of Samsung pm830 firmware

Unable to firmware update samsung ssd that came in r3 - Alienware Forum - Alienware Club - Dell Community

Dell OEM Samsung PM830 vs Retail 830 SSD - Joseph Jozwik

On notebookreview there was a guy who created DSRD.enc file(9th page post 85) and this file enabled people(that have pm830 256gb ssd (MZ7PC256D) with firmware CXM01D1Q/CXM02D1Q to CXM03B1Q (official firmware)) to update to samsungs official firmware but still not all functions of Magician would be working.

Was wondering would there be any knowledgable developer to have a look at developing similar file for people with CXM03D1Q firmware or a way to transform 830 OEM to Retail version or maybe its to big hustle and let it go?

Thanks in advance!

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