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P157SM-a Clevo - Battery Issues

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I pulled my old laptop out to do some gaming, its an older P157SM - but the battery isnt registering in Windows - it shows up as a empty hollow battery icon (like its completely empty)


Sometimes it will show up with a X on the icon too..


Anyway just wondering if anyone has seen this or has any info on how to fix it?

I'm going to try and recovery the battery by slowly charging it with a lab powersupply and see if i can get it to start charging via the laptop.


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That sounds like the battery has been dead for too long, and is now unchargable.  LI-Ion cells need to have a trace voltage in them to be charged. There are ways to possibly recover them, but it is unsafe, and the results could be anything from not working, to bursting into unstoppable flames.

The best thing to do, is to source a replacement battery for it. Some battery places are capable of rebuilding the pack with new cells, but it costs a pretty penny, and may not have the capacity it used to.


Gah, just saw the last line of your post. I guess you have a decent handle on some of the recovery possibilities. Proceed with caution, at your own risk.


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