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Aorus Gaming box 1080 - replace GPU with x4 SSD???

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I have an Aorus Gaming Box 1080 that I was using for gaming/VR on my NUC and laptop. Overall I had some success with it, but the overall experience with an eGPU has been less than optimal. So much so that I'm now considering pulling the 1080 from the box and putting it into my desktop PC and resigning myself to VR gaming from the office.

Since thunderbolt 3 enclosures for M.2 SSDs are still a bit pricey, and I would have an otherwise-unused Gaming Box enclosure, I wanted to see if it was possible to slam an M.2-to-PCIe card in there and utilize the enclosure for fast storage - albeit not-so-portable fast storage. I've seen cards of all kinds that can receive one or more SSDs, some with features that are host-dependent (i.e.: may only work with certain CPUs with certain features enabled, etc), which leads me to believe it may not be so easy as just putting the adapter in the Gaming Box and having it immediately be recognized when I connect it to my NUC.https://solitaire.onl/ 9apps.ooo/ https://bluestacks.vip/

Any experience here?

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Buddy this forum is rather dead , now there is no point of using egpu when you can build micro pc capable of utilizing VR/games for ~200e/$

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