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M17x R3 - Won't Turn On Without AC

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I've got a weird issue that I've had for a while but never been able to figure out.  My laptop works fine, except that if I unplug it and then try to turn it on it won't do anything.  No sign it's even trying to boot.  If I plug it back in it works fine.  If I have my laptop on already and then unplug it, it also runs fine of the battery.  It's just initially turning it on that's an issue.


The battery and power brick should both be fine.  They were actually both replaced since this issue began because the battery would no longer charge (brick was dead), and the behavior has been teh same with the new parts.


Any ideas?

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Did you get the replacements off dell or a generic one? Also, I misunderstood something you said, Has the issue occurred since the day you bought it or since you got the replacement parts?


Since the laptop has a small surge of power which levels out after it turns on, the battery may not be able to push enough power to turn it on.


That's the only explanation I can offer since it runs fine on battery after it's turned on.

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