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would like to see a new 18 inch laptop from alienware

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the m18x series were very popular.  I just cannot understand why Alienware would exit the 18 inch platform.  the m18x had all the right amount of ports and manual shortcut buttons.  this is the reason I am still on my 18X R1 and will continue being on it as long as parts are available.

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I think a lot of it has to do with the new BGA direction everything seems to be headed in. Modern mobile processors no longer have socket format versions and from a financial standpoint it makes more sense to use a BGA GPU rather than make the unit upgradeable thereby removing the incentive for people to upgrade. Instead of building larger and larger customizeable laptops, it looks like they are instead focusing on soldered units and their graphics amplifier. It all makes sense from a profitability standpoint but it totally sucks for savvy consumers who supported Alienware specifically because they catered to the user upgradeable market. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll come back to their roots down the road.

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