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MBP 2013 650M + Akitio Thunder2 + RX580. Should I surrender?

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Hi there.


I'm about giving up trying to make it work this rig with Bootcamp (macOS side is working without any issue). I'd like to know if it is even possible for Windows to detect my RX580. I mean, if it SHOULD be detected, even if it's tricky, I'll keep trying but I don't want to spent more time if it's simply impossible to work.


I know there is successful installations on the very similar MBP with the 750M so I keep a little hope but still...


Please help  :_(

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maybe i can answer your questions if you give more info about your rig you try to build.



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Well. The title says it all, I think. Anyway, it doesn't matter now because I DID surrender :)


Now I have a new problem with my gigabyte 1070 mini OC. I managed to make it work on mac and bootcamp but when I run Valley Benchmark the screen goes black and the macbook restarts. It happen in both OS. My guess is the Dell DA-2 PSU is not giving enough power but it worked with the RX580 doing the benchmark. 


Any way to tell if the problem is caused by lack of power?

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