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  1. Hi, maybe i can answer your questions if you give more info about your rig you try to build. cheers
  2. @Hedge Did you ever try to connect 2 displays to your eGPU? I have Problems with my rig, what is similar to yours. I start with one Display connected on my HDMI out and it works fine, but then i connect a second Display via DVI and the OSX 10.12.5 crashes. Or if i have a single Display connected via DVI i cant see the mouse at all on that Display. cheers
  3. for better understanding i upload some photos... 1. Benchmark: Graphic card are both seen, but not sure wich was tested. Can someone explain? 2. Laptop is saying it uses only the GT610 3. The actual game i want to play on that setup, tells me it´s using the internal one. i do not have any optiom to change the Graphic card in the game. Normally you do if you have more then 1 available, but in my case not. For some ideas i´m very happy. Thanks
  4. Hi, did you got the problem solved? Do you tested your setup under Mac OSX? I currently have problems to get a similuar setup running on Sierra.
  5. Hi, i get strange things with my Akitio TB2 enclusor. I had it working fine on my older MBP with 2 screens and everything running on a GT610. Unfortunate my MBP died and i bought a 2015 13" MBP. Now i plugged in the enclosur, installed the script again, so far so good. The system information is saying that the internal and 1 external display is running on the GT610, but when i start a game where i see what Graphic card is used i get the informaion that the inernal Iris6100 is used to in the game. Further more, if i plug the second screen the whole system freeze. Or if i attach a screen via dvi output i dont see the mouse. Does anybody had simular problems. Is there a way to really determan what graphic card is really used? Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Now the promised update: Since my last post and now i didnt turned my MBP of at all and it was all the time connected with the video card. I play sometimes in middle good video quality EVE ONLINE. I have to say the system feels stabil. There is some time delay sometimes with my mouse or with the keyboard when i write but apart of that it is ok. No restarts out of the blue at all. My guess is that it has something to do with the TB1 and the Bit rate of the Video Card. The GTX750 was 128bit 2Gb and the GT610 now is 64bit 2Gb. But still i cant start Win8.1 with the GT610 connected. Any ideas? thanks
  7. Update on my current Situation: I bought a GT610 to test a different video card in the Akitio. I know that it is a really low end card, but i dont have the money to buy a GTX960 or better. Also i think i dont need a video card that power full for what i do. Anyhow, here what i discovered till now. I can run the card under OS X 10.10.5 and corrently i stress test the card with the game i play in middle good graphic settings. Unfortunate i cant a start windows8.1 with the card plugged into the Akitio. I have no idea why that is. I can start Windows just with the Akitio connected and i see that thunderbolt is activated. Windows will start with my GTX750 plugged in the Akitio, but not with the GT610. Does anyone has a simular problem like me? Will keep updating when i finished the stress test in different quality settings and over a longer period of time.
  8. I did tried the thunderbolt cable From Akitio and a 2m apple thunderbolt cable, but there is no difference. i will try to change the KEXT files by hand and see if this is any different. Maybe my card version is effected from that too. At the moment I don't have any way to test a different graphic card in the Akitio. But if I get the chance what kind of card you would recommend? thanks for the quick reply
  9. Hi All, after 4month testing my setup, I have to say that I am not super satisfied. i run into stability problems and I am not sure where the problem is. I use my setup on Mac OS X 10.10.5 and Win8.1. With both systems I experience the same kind of crashes, there is no particular pattern about the crashes. Sometimes under Win8.1 only graphic driver crashes and comes back a couple of second later. If i have a similar crash in OSX the hole system reboots. With OSX I experience this every time I use my egpu, after about 3-4hr working, with no load. If I play my only game I play ( btw it is EVE ONLINE ) it is earlier but not always after the same time. I used cuda-z to monitor the pinned and pageable package and found out that shortly before the crash is happened the pageable drops down to under 200MiB/s. In Win8.1 most of the time the nvidia driver crashes by 80% or the hole system has BSOD. If I have the same situation in OSX the system restarts. I think also I need to note, I use MacFanControl to run my fans at full speed to cool the left side of my MBP down. It goes super super hot at the Plug side . Does anyone has similar problems or maybe has a idea what it could be? btw my original post does not tell that I use a ATX PSU 750w to power the graphic card and the Akitio via the molex barrel adapter solution. thanks for reading
  10. Thanks Tech Inferno Fan for updating my Thread...
  11. I need to Update my topic from the Thread: I received yesterday my Akitio Thunder2 Box. My Setup is now 2011 MBP (8,2) 15" i7core + iGPU Intel 3000 + dGPU AMD Radeon HD6490M + GTX750 2gb + Akitio Thunder2 + Win8.1 ( Bootcamp ) First of all i have to say it is working right from the start of getting the Hardware together and plug it in the MBP. I had the first 2 times problems with starting the Win 8.1 partition, but i thing that is just the order to switch everything on. Apart of that i am running the GTX750 parallel to my AMD dGPU and it works great. The GTX 750 fits almost perfect in the Akitio Box, the only mod i needed to do, is getting the Fan protection of. But that is easy to do as it is screwed to the Fan it self. The Box would close now but i´m afraid to do so, because of heat problems. I will make a modefication in the next couple of weeks. My next intent is to get it working with Yosemite ( but infortunate i have to reinstall it first ) and will keep everyone in the loop how that goes. I will make more Photos when i´m finished with everything, but for now i have some from the Benchmark. Sry about the quality, it is a total test setup. I dont have the capabiltiy to make screen shots. Will do that when i have everything as i need and want. Update on my Setup: I installed Yosemite 10.10.4 fresh and clean. I simply followed the instructions from the automated script Thread : SCRIPT: Automating the installation of eGPU on OS X (inc display output) and it worked right away. There is no messing around with *.kext script´s or something like this. the automated script does it for you. Thanks you so much goalque for you´r effort and time you spend in that script. Attached some photos from my system and from the Benchmark: Hope that my further test in the way i need my OS X and i want to run my eGPU will have success. This will be a big step forward for my setup. Thanks to everyone who posted here and gave such a good experience to everyone.
  12. Hey everyone, i have a simple question i think. I where reading somewhere here that some had problems with melting molex -> barrel mod´s. the fix was to use a douple cable mod. my question is: Could i use 2 single molex connector and combine them into the barel connector? or would that double the output? Sorry not much of a electrician. thats the cable i have lying around and think of using it with this barrel plug http://www.systemagnostic.com/wp-uploads/2013/01/molex_pci-e.jpg http://www.exp-tech.de/media/catalog/product/cache/1/small_image/270x270/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/1/0/10287-01.jpg Update: I just did it and checked the Voltage. everything is at 12V and i was good to go.
  13. thanks....good to know.. EDIT: @U7evel has updated to a native Thunderbolt eGPU enclosure. His new thread is at http://forum.techinferno.com/provisional-guides/10568-2011-15-mbp-hd6490m-gtx750%4010gbps-tb1-akitio-thunder2-win8-1-%5Bu7evel%5D.html#post139942
  14. Hey Tech Inferno Fan, thanks for you´r input. It is very much appreciated. The info that the problem is lying in my TB connections and the PE4H came not in my mind. I try to find a solution now with the suggested options. I have a nother questions: What about the ViDock solutions? Is there any expierence with it? thanks again
  15. Hey all, i`m a bit further with my eGPU project. I installed Win8.1 on my MBP ( not as UEFI ) and i got the GTX 750 straight shown in my Device Manager. What is a good thing. But also this setup is not stable running. In the moment i want to run a Benchmark the video crashes. Sound is still running ok but i cant see anything. How ever, if i do a DIY eGPU Setup 1.30 and start i can see my eGPU after hit F5 i initalize the eGPU and i get a chaionload mbr2 setup in the startup.bat... After that i run a PCI compaction but i always stuck on that process After leaving it like this for a while i get the Error message: Error reading from device C: DOS area: sector not found I also tried to use the pci.bat/startup.bat from that post http://forum.techinferno.com/implementation-guides-apple/4570-2012-13-macbook-pro-retina-gtx660%4010gbps-tb1-sonnet-ee-se-win7-8-%5Bstrandmatte%5D.html what seems to be working till i try to get a benchmark done. does anyone has a idea? every input is very helpfull sry for my english, that is not my native language....
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