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p870DM-G hackintosh

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Has any one on this forum gotten OS X to run properly on a p870dm-g  with stock BIOS?  I have it running on an iMac 17,1 smbios and it boots fine but I'm having troubles with Sierra.  The 980m works when I first install the web drivers I patch the system to stop the black screen then i boot up with the graphics acceleration enabled via the new sierra method and it works.  but a few boots down the line and sometimes even the next boot it stops working and boots black screen until I re install the web drivers. also the screen rolls oddly when I first boot i have to put the system to sleep and wake it back up to make it look right.  Also if i boot up the system with my external monitors connected it makes it boot up with a few garbled up lines of video that also requires me to reinstall the web drivers to get the graphics acceleration working again.  I can plug my monitors in after the boot though.  I have asked around on other forums but im hoping since this is a clevo specific thread someone who has had success with this system might be able to help me.


thank you

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