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  1. Has any one on this forum gotten OS X to run properly on a p870dm-g with stock BIOS? I have it running on an iMac 17,1 smbios and it boots fine but I'm having troubles with Sierra. The 980m works when I first install the web drivers I patch the system to stop the black screen then i boot up with the graphics acceleration enabled via the new sierra method and it works. but a few boots down the line and sometimes even the next boot it stops working and boots black screen until I re install the web drivers. also the screen rolls oddly when I first boot i have to put the system to sleep and wake it back up to make it look right. Also if i boot up the system with my external monitors connected it makes it boot up with a few garbled up lines of video that also requires me to reinstall the web drivers to get the graphics acceleration working again. I can plug my monitors in after the boot though. I have asked around on other forums but im hoping since this is a clevo specific thread someone who has had success with this system might be able to help me. thank you
  2. Does any one know the audio chipset in the p870dm-g. I'm trying to install an os to my system without windows on it and cant see it. any info would be great thanks.
  3. Hi, I'm wondering if this mod is the only method of fitting a heatsink to a GtX 1070. I'm not sure if they make one that is made to work with the 1070 in the p870dm-g. I'm currently runing a 980m configuration of it, but was considering upgrading to a 1070 in the next few months. As I would have to purchase a new heat sink regardless, I would prefer to buy one already made for the 1070 if it is available. If the mod is necessary ill do it, but i figured i might be able to save me a little bit of headache and time if a reseller has them prefab.
  4. Bad power supply? it kind of sounds like what my dm3 does if it gets unplugged to be honest. maybe meter how much power is being drawn by the power supply? If it just started with no changes to your system recently.
  5. Does this bios allow you to disable the g-sync on the p870dm-g? I am having issues with OS X and am curious if it is related to laptop g-sync.
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