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Gtx 660 fried by an exp gdc 8.4?

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Hello , i received my exp gdc today and tried it out with my dell latitude e6230 and a gtx 660.


But , after setting everything up, starting the egpu and the pc i saw the fan spinning up for 1/2s then it stop.I'm not sure but i may have seen a flash coming from the fan ( it's a gtx 660 oem).

I checked everything from the voltage of the psu (fine 12V), visual check inside the graphic card (nothing burned) and i tested it on my main computer and the fan didn't spin and no video output.


I'm kinda lost of not being able to say what occured and i wont test my rx480 on this adapter because i don't want the same problem. So what to do now ?

Contact the seller to explain the problem , cry because i've spent  money for nothing and killed my beloved 660. And i don't see other solution since i can't repair my card since it seem fine.


Thank you for your help.



Edit: I tested the fan outside of the gpu it has fried too.

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Most likely killed all by connecting wrong line of power to GDC , photos please of ur setup .

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